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Occupy Lawrence protesters ask city for help finding new campsite

That says it all. I am so tired of people using "Free Speech" as a reason to break the law. I worry about the common sense of people today. You have every right to state your opinion and say how you feel, BUT, you do not have the right to break laws in doing so.

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Lawrence police search house in 500 block of Locust

Some ppl need to quit blaming the police for the problems in NL and take a stand. You have to have a victim for an arrest to be made. Yes there are businesses and home broken into in NL. Unfortunately the same thing is happening in NWL, SWL, SEL and even in the central areas of the city. I listen to the scanner and see the officers that DO patrol the area. If you also listen, you would hear them give various locations in NL. BUT REMEMBER, THEY NEVER ARE IN NORTH LAWRENCE. get a clue ppl

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Marijuana possession leads to 3 arrests

Imn... I am wondering what your test would be right now. If you were to pass then it just shows how off base you are with the real issue. Whoever called and turned them in or if the officer just happened to find them, the bottom line is THEY WERE DOING SOMETHING ILLEGAL.

You are right, it is not the biggest crime in the world, but it is still a crime. Would you want police to ignore other small stuff? Who then decides how small or big a crime has to be before the police respond and take some type of action.

I get tired of people blaming police for doing there jobs. When something does not go the way they think it should, then they start yelling police are corrupt or other garbage.

You really need to wake up to reality.

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Marijuana possession leads to 3 arrests

Most of the entrys made here just annoy the crap out of me. People say the police should leave the kids alone just for smoking some pot. Yet people claim that police don't do enough to stop crime.

The person that said the stoner that is doing 20mph trying to be careful is the person causing traffic to back up because he has so little control over his vehicle that he has to drive real slow because that is his only way to safely get home.

I never smoked pot or did any other drugs. I hope that our legislators and people that make the laws continue to do the great job in preventing it from being illegal. We do not need any other people on the roads that are stoned, we have enough crazy people (that are not stoned) now without letting stoners out there legally.

I am all for publishing every criminals names in the newspaper and on TV stations, so everyone sees just how idiotic people get. Maybe if people started seeing names published and broadcast, maybe they would start thinking with their brains instead of there seats.

LJW, I say keep up the great job, publish these stories and the names. Maybe next time the people will think a little more before doing something that stupid.

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1.5 percent raise likely for police, firefighters

Obama: By the way, I too know the officer on the left, and he was not the officer at the street corner on that day.Sorry you loser.......ha ha ha ha

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1.5 percent raise likely for police, firefighters

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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

How many people have they saved by enforcing the rules of the park and the laws of the state?I say keep up the great job!

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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

I am so tired of hearing about the cops discriminating against the peope there. I know several of the deputies that have worked there and have said they love the music. But everyone seems to be forgetting that law enforcement still has a job to do. When you are breaking the laws, why is it the cops who are wrong? When do the people that are doing the drugs and creating the problems out there have to accept responsibility?I think Brett needs to get it through his empty brain that he has issues that go on out there that "MUST" be resolved. How long will it take for someone to say "if the law enforcement was doing there job when they saw so and so with the drugs, he never would have been able to drive his car" or "stepped in front of a moving vehicle".You want to let people go out there and enjoy the music, do the drugs, create all the othergarbage that they do and say leave them alone? Not me. I say goodbye to Waka Fest and good riddens.

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