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Police asking for public's help in murder of Hutchinson woman

This headline is a little misleading. Maybe they should insert the word solving or investigating into it.

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Lawrence leaders want to crack down on ‘unscrupulous’ landlords

Shadowlady the HUD 2011 Fair Market Rent (FMR) in the Lawrence MSA is $1099 for a three bedroom apt. If you found a place that is charging almost a $1000 garage or not you are getting a deal. Right now LDCHA isn't even taking applications for Section 8 because the waiting list is too long (over two years). People who can't afford to live here, should move to Topeka where you can walk in to a subsidized apartment complex, apply , and be approved in less than a week. And there a three bedroom is only $844 FMR. Or shop around Lawrence there are plenty of good places to rent, from decent local landlords, at affordable prices if you have a decent income, credit score, and rental history. Good tenants can practically write their own lease. http://www.huduser.org/datasets/fmr/f...

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Speed limit on several highways — including Kansas Turnpike — to increase to 75 mph on July 1

" (KHP) Officials didn’t specify a date for the enhanced enforcement effort but said it will be conducted toward the end of June." Hmmm.

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Authorities in Kansas and Missouri plan 'enhanced' enforcement of Interstate 70

"KDOT will begin affixing aluminum overlays with the new 75-mph speed limit to the existing 70-mph signs on June 30. It will not be legal to drive at the higher speed until July 1." Who wants to bet this enhanced patrol is scheduled for June 30th?

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Statehouse Live: Teacher retirements, reductions increase dramatically

The shortage is not in teachers the shortage is in teaching jobs.

Here is some data: http://lehd.did.census.gov/led/datato...

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Statehouse Live: Teacher retirements, reductions increase dramatically

Most young teachers I know in Kansas can't find work in their profession and feel extemely lucky if the do. Many districts have hiring freezes in place and are not replacing retiring teachers with new teachers but rather with tenured teachers who had taken other jobs in the district so they can eliminate those non-essential positions. Yet our higher education system continues to recruit young adults into education degree programs. The job market for teachers is extremely poor right now, and each year more teachers graduate from college and are forced to take jobs working outside their field. Reductions in force may contribute to this by adding a glut of experienced teachers to the field of jobseekers.

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Statehouse Live: Teacher retirements, reductions increase dramatically

I am all for consolidating districts and reducing overhead to save money. Kansas has a crazy amount of School Districts. The problem with the 65 cents reference is that is is basically untrue. To make your statement true it would need to say off the approved general fund expenditures 65 cents of each dollar spent goes to some form of public education. Dept of Ed gets 53 cents and the Board of Regents gets 12 or 13 cents depending on if you round up or down. In most years the general fund does not spend all of its revenue in order to maintain a reserve for leaner years. In those years we spend more than the total revenue and the reserve from the previous year often borrowing money to fund expenses.

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Analysis shows Lawrence has high local tax burden

You caught me, I'm living the high life on your tax dollar. I understand where you are coming from though. Thanks for making Lawrence a nicer place to live for my freeloading family.

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Analysis shows Lawrence has high local tax burden

Its really just a matter of supply and demand. Lawrence offers a place to live and there are people that want to live here, those people are willing to pay higher taxes to keep the community the way they want and keep undesirables from moving into the neighborhood. If you want to pay lower taxes by all means feel free to live somewhere else, like Topeka or Salina. You get what you pay for in the end, but people griping about how the taxes are too high is just buyers remorse.

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FDA requests seizure of Wyldewood Cellars' elderberry juice

Strange that this article doesn't mention they have a store in Lawrence. I went to their website and saw no claims of any kind that their products have any special properties. Seems like the company complied but not fast enough?

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