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Guess Who is not Paying Taxes - Round II

If you eliminate the standard deduction all that means is that everyone would itemize their deductions, without itemized deductions there would be no standard deduction. If you eliminate only some of the available deductions in the tax code it would automatically lower the standard deduction's value by a similar amount. I'll admit that in the years where I have tried to track deductible expenses it has been hard for me to exceed the standard deduction, so it usually works in my favor, but I think there are likely people out there that could get a larger deduction if they itemized but they dont because the standard deduction is easier to claim.

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Guess Who is not Paying Taxes - Round II

I posted on here last time and said that I was part of the non-payers. I'm still in that group. I did not see mention of the deduction of morgage interest payments in the graph but I am assuming it falls in the 7% other category and makes up a fairly large percentage of it. I think what most people miss about the current tax code is that it is designed by the govt to exert influence over the populace's social and spending habits. Its a way of controling behavior. For example the ability to jointly file as husband and wife, the dimenishing return on higher numbers of children for EIC, the morgage interest deduction and education credits. When you talk about eliminating these credits and deductions you are also talking about removing a cash incentive for the populace to behave the way the govt or those that influence the govt desire the populace to behave. Want the people to buy cars introduce a tax credit for new cars, want them to buy houses offer them a deduction, want teachers to buy their own classroom supplies make it deductible, want parents to send their kids to school offer them a tax credit. Want people to stop doing those things? Tax their money when they earn it and before it can be spent, suddenly all that money will start going into hidey holes where the govt can't find it and the economy will seize up more than it already has.

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National Endowment for the Arts says it can no longer give funding to Kansas, in wake of Brownback budget cuts

Intelligent people realize that tax money is just going to go to another state.

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Graduates saddled with student loans may pay dearly for decades to come

Engineering is not a promise of fabulous wealth, in Lawrence the Mean salary for Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical engineers is around 58-59K a year. That means entry level jobs are paying less than that for new graduates assuming you can find an employer.


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Graduates saddled with student loans may pay dearly for decades to come

Chiming in with somedude and tbaker. I never understand why articles like this fail to mention the ways you can serve your community or someone else's and work off your debt at the same time. I have a plan, it will take ten years after I finish school but I will have easily 90-95% of my student loans forgiven while making very affordable payments. But I also don't understand why people get liberal arts degrees, or get stuck at dead-end jobs for any real length of time.

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Guess Who is not Paying Taxes


I don't know about most of the responses you are getting here, but I can tell you I have paid little to no taxes since I got married and had children. So far this year I have had 647.89 withheld in total but I will see much more than that as a federal refund.

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More than 600 gather at public forum to vent frustration with closing of Lawrence SRS office

Second time I have seen that quote today.

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Powerful U.S. guns fuel Mexico violence

This is maybe one of the most poorly written op-eds I have read recently.

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Lawrence school consolidation group breaks the ice at first meeting

Bob is on point, why do we need multiple districts in Douglas County? Trim the fat.

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City commission votes to allow residents to pick fruit grown in Lawrence parks

Something tells me this wasn't the LPD's top priority.

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