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Overland Park to seek AG opinion on open carry

I may be confused, but I thought open carry was the norm. The reason you apply for concealed carry is because you need the permit NOT to open carry.

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Professionals tout benefits of AA program at meeting

I'm kind of sorry I missed this event. I've got about 15 years under my belt thanks to AA, and this is likely the best example I've seen of how anonymity is supposed to work in accordance with the 11th Tradition.

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Have you noticed an odd taste or smell in your drinking water?

No but my Dr Pepper at the movie theater tasted funny. We filter water at home all the time because at our place it tastes like old gym socks 24/7.

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How Many Guns Does One Man Need?

I have 4 .22 rifles, 1 .22 pistol, 1 .38 pistol, 1 12 ga. shotgun, and 1 7.62mm rifle. I parted with one .40 S&W pistol that I regret parting with, I feel like it needs replacing. Afterwards I decided not to part with one agian if i could help it. I'd pick up more .22's without batting an eyelash, and I always thought I might like to have a 9mm pistol. I still don't have a decent center-fire hunting rifle or a CCW. So I am more than a few short of the number I "need" but for now it feels like enough. I need a new car worse than I need new guns.

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United Way meets goal, starts planning for future

Consumer you can send my family your money if you want. We truely need it.

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Lawrence city sidewalk ordinance ruled unconstitutional

Funny how human rights violations were keeping Simon off the streets, fed and sheltered. Likely he is treated more humanely in Douglas County Jail then when he is on our streets by Lawrencians.

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Rally held in support of medical marijuana

There's a pretty easy solution here. If you are in favor of the issue, move to Colorado.

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Prosecutors want sex crime convict to remain in state custody

I'm not the same person I was in 1999. I'd be more curious about what his behavior in the last three years or so has been. If those 130 infractions were all 10+ years ago, they don't hold much weight in my book.

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Bonnie and Clyde guns to be auctioned in Kansas CIty

I think you were looking for Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner, a Warren Zevon song first released in 1978.

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Guess Who is not Paying Taxes - Round II

George I don't think your plan is sneaky enough for Washington. I mean politicians actually reporting where our money is being spent after voting on where to spend it every year? I am one of the favored lifestyles, and I am not unhappy about that, but it is pretty clear to me that our tax code could use a reboot of some kind, a defrag to get us back to some sanity.

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