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New recycling program to kick off at Saturday’s football game

Thank you for finally doing this. Long overdue. Better late than never. No excuse not to do this with all athletic events at KU. Go Jayhawks in all ways make us proud!

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Hate may be veiled but it’s still there

Excellent article by Mr. Pitts. Thank you. This is just one of a thousand remarks and actions by people who want him out of the White House. Obama is an incredible person to continue with such strength, grace, and focusing on what is right, whereas 99.9% of us would be a bunch of whining babies if we were the target of such immature acts. Barack Obama has set an example to his daughters and ALL OF US as to how to rise above insults and lies and get on with attempting to do good and right.

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Festival of Cultures set for Sunday afternoon at South Park

This is a wonderful event! Thank you folks for doing this.

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Eye endorses Schlingensiepen in 2nd Congressional District race

Tobias is a good, sound, intelligent person. His desire to improve government and our country comes from his OWN mind and heart, not like Jenkins who is just repeating the same old same old big $ club programmed crap. Her fake smile and responses are robotic, and WRONG. Tobias Schlingensiepen is sharp and original and the person this state needs to replace Jenkins. An interesting man with an interesting last name!

Expand and educate your closed minds a bit folks and learn how to pronounce his name. Regardless of which party a person is from...smacks of how lazy we've become.

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Clinton boosts Obama in rousing convention speech

President Clinton's speech was awesome because IT WAS ALL FACTUAL AND BASED ON THE TRUTH.

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Railfest transports riders back in time

yes, yes, yes!

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VP candidate Paul Ryan accepts 'calling of my generation'

Great comments above. Appreciated - Thank you. GET OUT AND VOTE FOLKS. Letting the Republicans take over will ruin this country. Changes and improvements are happening. It doesn't happen overnight but it IS happening and let's keep the momentum going. We have to save this planet and allowing the Republicans back in will be our demise for sure.

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Sound Off: I keep seeing people walking their dogs in the hottest part of the day on days that are 1

I have had this same concern seeing dogs forced to run/walk on a leash in these hellacious hot days. If only we could enforce the following: humans subjecting their dogs to this get down on their hands knees and crawl alongside their dog...and no sunglasses or headgear shading their eyes.

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U.S. politics dealing in fear, not facts

This article isn't about "good ol' days...nothing new under the sun." Mr. Pitts is calling it correctly.

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KU's cancer-fighting plant research program losing its key funding

Smells like Brownback & buddies at it again.

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