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Former Westar chief, wife give rural Lawrence farmstead to Salina-based Land Institute

This is huge!! EVERYONE wins. Thank you Haines!!!

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Food rescue effort connects restaurant's surplus with people in need

This is a win-win. Shout it out for LongHorn. Please let us know of more eating establishments that do this. IT DOES MATTER TO MANY OF US. Thank you.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: 105 years of good memories

Chad, you really captured Fay's spirit.
Excellent writing. THANK YOU!!

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Two new senior housing projects getting under way in Lawrence

Neither of these places accomodate anyone that don't have loads of money. Neuvant is beautiful
but beautiful doesn't take care of you if you don't have the $$. And no guarantee they will allow you to stay, even if you do have the $$, if your dementia and inevitable decline is too much for them.

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Lawrence social worker helps patients live their own lives

An outside organization, Crossroads Hospice, has recognized Ms Shockey with this award.
Nothing like giving someone an award with news coverage and a blowout banquet at the Oread to drum up business!!I

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Haskell graduates 'live it up' at commencement ceremony


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KU trumpeters get last-minute call to perform in presidential inaugural parade

Way Cool!! Rock Barack Chalk!!!

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Eagles Day takes visitors to see eagles in the wild, teaches about conservation

Thank you! Weather (and health) permitting we will be there.

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Eagles Day takes visitors to see eagles in the wild, teaches about conservation

I heard about Eagles Day after the fact. I didn't see anything in the LJ World yesterday, or in the previous days. Not all children attend public schools so please get the word out to the other schools and flyers perhaps in grocery stores. We (and our grandkids) were very disappointed to have missed this.

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Constitution Hall to host Bleeding Kansas series

Kris Kobach presenting...I'll pass.

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