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KU profs support evolution skepticism


Your numbers are a little out of date. There are now over 700 of us "NCSE Steves". Assuming that 1% of scientists are called Steve (or Stephanie, or Esteban), that is tehe equivalent of an open list of some 70,000.

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KU profs support evolution skepticism

"Even if evolution is never debunked, what's so wrong with questioning it? If you're so sure it's true, what are you afraid of?"

There is nothing wrong with questioning it. That's what science is all about. Scientists are constantly testing the predictions made by evolutionary theory against the real world.

It is a testament to the strength of the theory that it explains so much of the observed variety in living things, and that its application has led to great advances in many fields, especially (and ironically in the current context) medicine

True, there were flaws in Darwin's understanding of the mechanisms of heredity, but as Mendelian genetics and molecular biology emerged, they only served to confirm the strength of the underlying theory that species evolve, and that the main driver of this evolution is natural selection of heritable traits.

The only thing that the scientific community is afraid of is the damage being done to the scientific literacy of the general public by the manufactured "controversy" being promulgated by those who would insert a particular religious view into the public schools of the United States.

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KU profs support evolution skepticism

More than 500 scientist on the list eh? That's very impressive - but how many of them are named Steve?


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Intelligent design 'father' to speak at Washburn

Intelligent design 'designer', surely?

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