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Immigration officials make two Lawrence arrests

That is crap. There are white unskilled people who will work for the same amount as a mexican. Which at sunflower im sure got paid pretty dam well

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Immigration officials make two Lawrence arrests

I also worked for a landscaping company in lawrence who hires 2 mexicans full time each year. They are god people and hard workers but illegal as can be. Due to this after working for them for 4 years they refused to pay me more money because they will just get another white driver and pay him crap till he quits and just have the mexicans do all the hard work. And hire a new one the next year to drive. I am not impressed by their business ethics and i think they should be punished for this. However I do not want these guys to loose their jobe because they have families and are good people. I would like to see superior get what they deserve after seeing them treat employee after employee like they dont need them.

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Immigration officials make two Lawrence arrests

Im a gringo and from experience most gringos are lazy and do not work as hard as the latinos. It does however piss me off that some people cant get jobs because o f this but its not their fault. Were the idiots that just keep letting them take the next train up from the border. Good job immigration busting 2 of the million in kansas. What a joke. And I personally worked for Epic landscape productions. They bring up approximately 200 mexis up every year to make a killing in kansas city and surrounding areas. They treat their white people like crap and are constantly called a gringo and told how gringos are lazy. They should be required to find workers in kc and get them off their unemployed social service draining asses.

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Town Talk: 23rd Street bridge to cost city $1.2 million; Lawrence likes to have fun; Dillons faces key vote tonight

They don't use it because its crap. If they were to redo it I would actually consider going there.

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Lawrence city commission approves Iowa Street turn lanes

for sure agree 100% lawrence is back asswards

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Do you smoke?

you shouldn't have moved in like you already stated . . . . why hate someone you don't even know?

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Rand Paul against citizenship for babies of illegals

duh. . . When I visit a foreign country I learn at least the basics of their language. I don't go there and speak english at them like they are supposed to understand it. As far as I am concerned if you are in a different country you need to understand and speak the language they are speaking. These mexicans that are here illegally in the first place could at least be able to tell the gas station attendant they want twenty dollars on pump five!!!!!! You make me sick! I agree with Rand wholeheartedly.

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KU officials clear McCollum Hall, say suspect in gun incident is believed to have left campus

thank you raynravyn, the're really are people who do know the law in kansas thank god

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