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U.S. Dept. of Education names Lawrence's Woodlawn as one of five Blue Ribbon Schools in Kansas

Woodlawn was a great school for my son! We loved it. His teachers were top notch and very caring. Yes, they were a little demading at times, and lost homework earned you "riverhawk" after school, but these kids are taught not only their "school lessons" but also responsibility and self worth. Because of the teachers at Woodlawn, my son was selected for the Duke University talent program. He earned a 99 on his MAP tests and in a few months will be taking the ACT's or SAT's given to the HS students. Quite the accomplishment for my 7th grader!! I don't mean to sound like I am bragging, I am just so proud of him, and the teachers that helped him get there!!
Thanks Woodlawn!!!

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What is your favorite no-cook or cold meal to make at home?

hence the "package of pre cooked stuff"

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Who is your favorite TV commercial character?

The office depot guy...WOW!! Thats a low price!!
Perfect guy for the job, big bug eyed guy LOL

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WWII B-24 pilot finally gets to thank his rescuer

What a wonderful story...glad they found each other!! Thanks to both of you for the freedoms we have.

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Family members looking for 13-year-old boy

I got a phone call today from the school system about this and if you have any info to call the police.

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Smoking Your Way Free From Addiction the 'E'asy Way!

Where did you sample these and how can I get one?

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Parents wary of moving 6th-graders

I was suprised when I moved here to see that 9th was still middle school. Where I'm from grade school is K-6, Jr. High was 7th and 8th and HS 9-12. It worked well..

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What is your favorite thing to grill?

what is EVOO?
I spear the little suckers with wooden sticks and put olive oil and garlic on them...

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Douglas County sheriff's deputies plan increased patrols this weekend

Hey why do the crime and all...We all know your not supposed to speed, supposed to keep your child and yourself buckled up and not drink and drive. If thats too hard to understand for some then they deserve to get ticketed. And yes, I've had a few speeding tickets.

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Man arrested downtown after attempted attack with railroad spike

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