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Late-night convenience store delivery service begins operations in student neighborhoods

My goodness, people have become lazy! If you cant get off your bum and get a drink, you don't really need it.....

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Social Service League Thrift Store serves as city's hidden gift shop

I have never even heard of this place! Seems like a brilliant idea to donate your stuff to them vs. Goodwill where the CEO's make 100k a yr.

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Famous Union Pacific steam engine passes through Lawrence

I had no idea this was coming thru. Living 1 block away from the tracks, and having the windows open, the whistle scared the heck out of me!! Looked out the window and could sure see the steam. Much different sound than the regular train that we have grown used to, but alas is still annoying.

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Another five mobile homes at the Riverview Trailer Park declared unfit to live in

I could be wrong, but wasn't there talk at one time of building something in that location? Like a retail mall or another motel that could overlook that nice dirty river?

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Update to labor laws could prevent youths from doing certain tasks

Right on labmonkey!

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Update to labor laws could prevent youths from doing certain tasks

that just breaks my heart for him....waaa. Thats one of the problems of the youth these days. They get babied, and for the most part are lazy. Lets not forget that this kid had a roof over his head and food to eat, provided by his parents, most likely from the income of that farm that he was "forced" to work on.

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Sheriff's office warns about bail bond scam

IF my kids were in jail, they already know that they would be staying there. This mother will not bail them out. If they didn't use their common sense and know right from wrong, then that little jail time will help them to figure it out.

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Wal-Mart and Dillons Make Changes to Their Coupon Policies

Didn't Dillons have a program that if you bought two 50.00 gift cards you got extra fuel points? I seem to remember something about that, but I finally got around to doing that this weekend, spend 60 some on groceries and only ended up with 48 fuel points. Not sure what I did wrong.

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Google Earth to offer look inside Allen Fieldhouse

Would be cool but maybe I'm doing something wrong....says I have to download and then pay...I've seen inside AFH and had to pay....not gonna pay for a 3D image as well.

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The Kindest Act

This is not my greatest act of kindness but I was downtown on Mass and came across one of the homeless guys selling their monthy newsletters. I was interested, and bought one, after a few min of talking with the fellow, I felt the biggest desire to give the guy a hug. It just came to me, and I felt guided to do so. I asked him if I could hug him...I don't know if it made him feel any better, but the feeling I got has lasted for years. Hugs can do wonders. And yes, he was clean cut and shaven, but I think that even if he was not, I would have felt the need to hug him.

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