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Groceries sold at discount are available to anyone who eats

My wife and I are in charge of the Angel Food program at Christ Community Church so I can only speak to that program but I assume that the other program is much the same. All orders are prepaid for. You are only allowed to pick up food if you have ordered it. It is open to everyone, including soccer moms. That is the great thing about it. You are able to order whenever you want. There is no membership fee or other qualifications. You simply place an order for the food you want and then next month you pick it up.

The best part of the program for my wife and I is distribution day. Once a month we get to connect with all the people who use the program. We have been doing it for a little over a year and have met some great people. There have been times that people have come in and had great tragedy in their lives. My wife has been a shoulder to cry for many a person. Some have even asked for prayer and that is the most rewarding part. Being there for people in need is what this is all about. It is just the kind of ministry that Jesus would want his people involved with.

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What has been your opinion of the Hurricane Katrina recovery effort?

My point was not to take the blame off the government (at all levels) but to point out that the government is notoriously bad at helping people rebuild.

My point was to steer the debate to something that might solve the problem instead of bickering back and forth about who is to blame. This finger pointing will not result in any changes or benefits to the people affected by this natural disaster.

Can our federal government solve the problems in N.O., no way. They can throw an enourmous amount of money at the problem and even put people on the ground to help administer resources but this will not repair anyones home.

I do not know if I would agree that it is even the governments responsibility to be the primary source of aid. When a tornado sweeps through Lawrence who is responsible for rebuilding my home? I do not think I will be blaming George or whoever is my next president.

I would like to see each of us look to what blame we can take on. What have we done to help the situation? Many people have helped but most have not.

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What has been your opinion of the Hurricane Katrina recovery effort?

I was in N.O. two months ago. The conditions were truly bad. Few of us here in Lawrence would be willing to live in some of the conditions I saw while working down there.

I hesitate to blame the "government". It is too easy to say the "government" isn't doing enough. Or that they bumbled the effort. We should all remember that the government isn't a person. It does not have hands. It does not have a heart. It can not pick up a hammer or comfort a weary soul.

The work that needs to happen in N.O. and the surrounding areas requires human beings. The amount of work is simply too much for the residence down there. The group I worked with (30 youth from Lawrence) helped three families for five days. We hardly made a dent in the amount of work needed to be done.

The group I supervised, helped an elderly lady. We talked with her and asked her what she wanted done. Her house was gutted and she was living with neighbors. The things she asked for was to have her backyard fence replaced so her dog could have a place to run free. We did not help her get back into her home but we helped her with the thing she most wanted. It was a very rewarding experience.

I am not trying to say that mistakes were not made, but lets be fair, few of us would have made better decisions in the face of such destruction. Furthermore, each of us can choose to make a good choice now by volunteering to help. The government will not solve N.O.'s problems, people helping people will have to be the answer.

I hope that each of you who read this feel convicted to volunteer and to stop making excuses about the government not doing enough or making mistakes. We all need to get up and get to work.

Hope you all have a great day!

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Marriage sanctity

I can not understand how defining a term (like marriage) is considered discrimination. If you do not like the rules in Kansas then move to a state that allows you to marry any one you like.

This is my understanding of how the founders intended this country to be run. A person would decide where to live based on the laws that govern that state.

Remember that the vast majority of voters decided that we liked the definition of marriage that was passed. If you want to marry, then move to a state that has not passed a constitutional amendment and lobby to make sure that one does not get passed. You should probably hurry though because as I understand it another 10-15 states may have similar amendments on the books by the end of this year.

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Right to life

I am completely in favor of choice. The only difference between others and myself is that I believe that a woman's choice happens when she chooses to have sex (please do not throw rape or incest unless you can show me statistics that a vast majority of abortions occur due to either of these).

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Concerns are voiced on test-score gap

I thought that in our enlightened society we were trying to achieve a color blind world. Why do these tests even have the ability to segregate people scores by race? It seems counter to what we are trying to achieve by eliminating racisim. I for one think it would be more important to find out why any student is scoring low and work out a solution. It would then be up to the student to score better. Why does it matter if the student is a minority. Aren't we concerned for all students?

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Dada support

I would be interested in knowing what yourworstnightmare means by "Kansas' backward anti-intellectualism"?

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Wal-Mart choice

There are also a lot of people who are helped by Wal-Mart. Are you aware of the many American small businesses that have made it big due to Wal-Mart's success?

The comment from Kookamooka, "Why don't these Hyper-American Christian Wal-Mart Shoppers understand where their money goes?", is very thought provoking. I am a hyper-American Christian and I shop at Wal-Mart. This issue of China does concern me. When I did a recent inventory of my home I found little in the way of American made products. The problem is that there are not many other stores that sell the products that I use that do not sell made in China products.

Instead of arguing with each other about how evil Wal-Mart is, we should be looking for ways to promote manufacturing in the USA. Unfortunately, I think most people (on both sides) would rather argue than actually try to accomplish anything.

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Rational thought

It is very easy to say that there are classes that can educate me. What is much more difficult is to name a class that contains an experiment that shows that macro evolution has occurred. I do not beleive you can do this.

On the name calling, you indicated that I was "not smart enough to realize the fact". This is just the type of mean spirited talk that happens when someone runs out of positive support for their opinion.

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Wal-Mart choice

It is all fine and well to say that Wal-Mart buys from China but when was the last time you looked at the labels from smaler local shops that sell similar merchandice to Wal-Mart. Do you think they buy from USA companies? The real problem is that the USA is increasingly producing less and less. We have become a consumer culture. This attitude crosses all boundaries; political, social and economic.

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