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Street precedent

Me too.

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Street precedent

Funny, I never heard of the name Bob Billings until they renamed miles of WEST 15th st. in his honor and many, many more people had to change their addresses. But I did grow up knowing the Fambrough name. Fambrough is/was an icon for KU and Lawrence.

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Unemployment claims are lowest in 3 1/2 years

Duh! It is called Christmas rush. Every store and major distribution center is busy from Oct. to right after Christmas and hire lots of people. Then they get laid off around January. Am. Eagle and Walmart DC in Ottawa does this every year. We need permanent year round jobs in America.

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Sheahon Zenger has guts to hire Mike Leach

Yes brutal honesty is a travesty.

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Sheahon Zenger has guts to hire Mike Leach

This reply is for question4u.

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Sheahon Zenger has guts to hire Mike Leach

According to Leach's book "Swing the Sword" Adam James' ESPN daddy hired PR firm that made that bogus video of his kid locked in an electrical closet. Why he has lawsuit against ESPN. He is trying to sue TT but TT is saying they are the "state" and cannot be sued, just like KS gov't cannot be sued. Also according to the book Leach has e-mails, memo, and other documention to prove this. I was not hot on Leach until I read this article. Fairly obvious the author of the article has a "crush" on Leach though, so is biased.

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Teen rethinking apology letter to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

I'm sure the ACLU is salivating...

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Development plan would replace mobile home park near 31st and Iowa streets with apartments

Some of those trailers probably wouldn't survive a move. Plus some people are retired living in a trailer that has been paid in full for years. What happens if their home can't be moved?

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Reeves Nelson changes game for UCLA

Yeah funny how players can "afford" all the tattooes and big diamonds in their ears. Of course I guess bling can be fake bling.

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Not dead yet: Turner Gill eager to put October behind

I say give Coach Gill another year. I give credit to the young men on the team as they just keep plugging away and are not giving up. The coaching staff is doing something right in keeping those players motivated. Not sure I could keep playing hard and losing. I still BELIEVE...This time next year maybe not so much.

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