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Romneys paid $1.94 million in fed taxes for 2011

Oh come on! Everyone else does. I was close I was thinking Reagan deregulated that as the start of their trickle down economics that doesn't work.

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Romneys paid $1.94 million in fed taxes for 2011

Oil for starters

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Thieving defense bright spot for KU

What game were you watching? TCU may have played lazy 1st half, but I think they realized they were going to have earn their points the hard way. KU has shown great improvement even in the losses. We are playing 4 quarters now full power. Oporum was great. Lots of room for improvement but dang best game I have seen KU play since Mangino beat Nebraska!

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Brownback says asking for 10 percent cuts in state agencies just first step in budget review process

I'm confused. One week I read where BB cuts programs, etc. Then later on I read that BB is cutting taxes because he got the budget under control. Now he says to cut. Help!

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Bowen: KU football is back on right track under Weis

Hey that's better than 2. I'll take anything we can get, even losses as long as we were competitive.

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Sick and tired of the waiting game

Perhaps she is in the cycle that a lot of people get into, you don't feel good so you lie around, but you need the exercise to feel better, but hurt too much to move. Perhaps if she had a person that showed some caring and could also encourage her to get more active. Some people just need a little encouragement and be shown that someone does care what happens to you.

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Top lawmakers say legislators can't be forced to answer questions about governor's mansion dinners during session

If there is no discussion of legislative issues at the past dinners, what documentation is there to destroy, er I mean to maintain? Didn't know we were supposed to take notes at dinner parties. Where was the reporter for the earlier dinners that were "non bi-partisan"? I always thought the stench in Topeka was the Du Pont (whatever name they go by now) plant...

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100-year-old recalls life before highways, cars

Wow, she taught 4th/5th grade at Riverside when I was there and it was the year she retired. She sure made certain the kids behaved. I know I was afraid to cross her. How cool she is still independent!

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10 jobs eliminated at Journal-World, weekly newspapers

You have to have a subscription to receive a sign on in order to read the entire story, get to obits/births, and all the news stories not just the top news

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