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Local Verizon, AT&T cell phone users having trouble getting connected

You get what you pay for! Wonder how VZ and ATT will spin this in their 'most reliable' claims?

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In My Pants - Come Join The Fun

Drama takes away from game in my pants

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Pizza: Anyway You Slice It!

Now I'm hungry.

It's my birthday, Ronda, so feel free to make me a pie. Anything on it is fine, with the exception of anchovies. Don't mind anchovies, per se, just not on my pizza.

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3 Questions: Iowa State at Kansas

While the 'Hawks did fall behind early and storm from behind, don't forget that ISU dropped a pass for what would have been a get-into-FG-position-late with a chance to win.

So, please, Men of Mangino, intensity and focus early and often, and step on their necks when you have them down. Intensity early, serenity now.

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KU sports teams’ apparent feud spurs 2nd brawl

Boys will be boys. Mete out the justice when the facts are in.

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Do you think the KU Jayhawk mascot needs to look meaner?

Thanks, hitme. That made me spit my coffee all over the keyboard.

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Sarah Palin: With Interest

Yes Ronda, points for creativity. Much the same way that someone once dropped eggs in a pan, folded them over, and called it an omelet.

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Sarah Palin: With Interest

Either you are satirically talented or simply affirming fringe conservative elements....using Flaming Skulls, hell-bound liberals, abstinence, and ropes in the same paragraph. Wow. Just, wow.

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Sarah Palin: With Interest

Knock yourself out Ronda, and no need to cite me. If it was perceived as partial to men, it was not intended that way.

Who cares if Palin knows what the capital of Poland is or how federal excise taxes contribute to revenue growth. My take is that if she can manage like and executive, which there are a growing number of reports that she has been ineffective at, then she can be a viable candidate. She gets your attention, which in our age of politics, is more than half of the battle.

If we want to deride her ability to grasp issues, fine, put eggheads in office and let them bicker over issues and direction then wash their hands of responsibility. But thus far Palin's core support, the church-going pro-life conservatives, likely could not carry an election for her is it were held TODAY. But given time for her to get her messages as clear as possible, and time for her idiot competition - Sanford, Ensign, Gingrich - to implode, she may emerge as the candidate of choice.

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Sarah Palin: With Interest

"I am trying to stay out of the way of the giant falling shoe."

Hope it's not one of those Naughty Monkey Double Dare pumps she was rocking on the campaign trail. Nothing says "new woman" like retail therapy on the contributors' dime.

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