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Bicyclist injured after accident at 23rd and Naismith

At 12:30 p.m. is the sun rising or setting?

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Should circumcision be criminal? A no brainer

If the pro argument is to prevent STIs, it would make sense to wait and let the male decide when he reaches sexual maturity. Personally, I feel we should not permanently change/mutilate/disfigure any person without his/her consent.

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What a Vegetarian Knows about Chicken and Toy Story 3

It is kind of odd for someone to call herself a “vegetarian” and buy factory farmed chicken. I would argue a hunter is better animal activist than someone willing to buy cheap meat without any regard to the life the animal lived before becoming a meal.

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On the hook for a rack; who's with me?

I'm in for $10.

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Bike-to-Work Day

I usually get to work around 8, so I think 7:30 would work better.

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Anna Undercover: "Mom, I'm Dating a Stripper"

Wow! I won’t post again.

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Anna Undercover: "Mom, I'm Dating a Stripper"

Hero, I believe they think she is a waitress.

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Anna Undercover: Forgiving a Jerk

Your reaction to me is why stripping is not natural or empowering. This small misstep made you feel so horribly violated. He was not even a stranger, but a very good friend. I would not be topless and grinding on a friend unless I wanted more, so it is hard to relate. Most people are sexually turned on when someone is “acting” sexual with them. Maybe you had him firmly planted in the friend zone, but he did not feel that way about you. Don’t you see how it could be a little confusing to someone who does not get naked and rub their naked body on people for a living? To you he was a John Doe with money…but maybe to him you were (insert your real name) who he had a real feelings for.

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Anna Undercover: Forgiving a Jerk

Yeah, but most people do not put their bare chests in their friend’s face.

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