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Penalties set to encourage uninsured to find health coverage

Why do you speak such nonsense? Very little of what you say is true. The ACA exists because free market insurance puts profit before people. I've had ACA three years now. I've been at a job 18 years and no company wants any part of people working into their fifties for insurance offerings. This would affect their greed and selfishness. Stop talking nonsense.

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Opinion: Gun violence: Who’s to blame?

I love how there are all of these literal interpretors of the US Constitution on here. Tyranny of a liberal government...really? What about the tyranny of a conservative government that allows states rights lunacy and concealed carry for wannabe cops who manifest their identities through being armed based on external insecurities? I'm a gun owner and collector and I've never felt the need to go all pry it from my cold dead hands aka Charleton Heston style. Gun clingers and the nra don't represent me.

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Kansas faith leaders urge Brownback to reverse ban on Syrian refugees

As the son of a UMC minister I'm proud that this denomination overlooked the hyperbole of the misinformed. Three successful Vietnamese men have my father and of his former churches to thank for their arrival, support, and success in this country that they came to as children refugeed through three countries. Imagine the indigenous nations of this country casting your ancestors as terrorists who destroyed their way of life. That did happen you know?

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Opinion: Don’t forget America’s first refugees

Were established. The Christian suppression of tribal identity brought on the Metacomet or King Philip's War of 1676-1679. Tribal people were sold into slavery to Bermuda. Between 1980 and 2013 two Wampanoag communities were finally recognized after four centuries since Plymoth Rock. There has been a Christian occupation of this indigenous since then. The Christian refugees overran this indigenous land. How colonialism and religion go hand in hand.

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Opinion: Don’t forget America’s first refugees

Prior to the Mayflower arrival there were Pokanoket, Paugusset, Wampanoag, and Massachusett people along with Nipmuc, Niantic, and Nauset people all Algonkian speakers. By 1679, the Christian Pilgrims had created their own caliphate so to speak forcing these Algonquian peoples to become Christian or perish as savages. Praying towns such as Mashpee

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Father explains Greene’s 6-game suspension due to playing-time dispute

this double standard is it.It's funny. When a White player, Connor Frankamp, leaves KU over playing time no one says anything. Heck he can even get pulled over for DUI in Wichita and no whisper campaign happens. Breanen Greene get empassioned about PT and his father has to PR to stop the whisper campaign. Mrs. Quennette wants proof of racism at KU

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South Lawrence Trafficway still on track for fall 2016

What a mess. Being able to steal and destroy an area. Such talent. Such american exceptionalism.

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Who's the most famous person you've ever seen in Lawrence?

I saw Dan Quisenberry at Mass ST Music. I saw Billy Corgan in front of Liberty Hall.I spoke with Ice T at the Outhouse. I sat next to Joan Baez at a pow wow. I saw Russell Means at a Haskell pow wow and met Vine Deloria after a KU symposium at the Holidome. I stagedove to the right of Maynard Keenan off of the Liberty Hall Stage when Tool opened for the Rollins Band in 1992 and I hung out with Slayer in the Liberty Hall basement. I love Lawrence.

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Kansas housed thousands of POWs during World War II; town celebrates history as Guantanamo concerns grow

People forget that in the 1870's Nez Perce, Modoc, Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Comanche people were held at Fort Marion in Florida and Fort Leavenworth as POWS. The Fort Marion prisoners were the beginning of the boarding school experience in 1878. The Nez Perce followers of Chief Joseph were taken to Fort Leavenworth. Many died there. More died between Miami, OK, and the Oakland Tonkawa Reservation before they were returned to Washington State in 1904. The Chiracahua Apache people including Geronimo were treated like Gitmo prisoners in their day. No one wanted them. They were US POWS for three decades.

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Opinion: Law puts child’s race above welfare

undue American colonialism. The law was created to stop cultural genocide i.e. the loss of identity and culture. Since most Americans immigrants descending from Colonists have very little concept of culture they're oblivious to the damage from their actions. Language and culture immersion classes are big right now to undue American colonialism. Icwa came about because these people dont know when to stop.

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