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Lynn Jenkins, part of GOP leadership, seeking fourth term in U.S. House

fire the Joker with that wonderful smirk from office. When the GOP chooses to stifle the political process like children when their party lost two presidential elections they don't
have any concept of reality other than saying no or selling themselves to the highest bidding
brothers in business in Wichita. Fire them.

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Opinion: Censored history not really history

There is a balanced reality of America that educated people accept hoping for a time when this country finally lives up to the standards to make a better place. A place where the massacres of Powhattan, Pequot, Susquahannock, Christian Munsee, Cheyenne, and Lakota
peoples are acknowledged and this country strives to better itself in spite of it's past and support the surviving descendants of these massacres in their pursuit of justice without partisan denial and obstruction. A place where White militias in Louisiana in the 1870's no longer commit the mass murders of Black freedmen in reconstruction era Louisiana to start the Jim Crow era or the Oklahoma National Guard no longer uses it's biplanes to bomb the Black Wall Street in the Greenwood Section of Tulsa to oblivion in 1920 with over 300 deaths
unofficially. A place where in much of the Southwest White Americans acknowledge that much of this area was Indigenous and Mexican prior to 1845, A place where science was used to justify to racism in accordance to the size of one's skull and the biological existence of Lumbee Indian ethnology by White BIA government officials in North Carolina in 1934 through the size of their skulls in accordance with other indigenous people's skulls. A place where Carry Buck, a Virginia American Indian was sterilized and numerous indigenous women were sterilized against will without their knowledge at Indian Health Service Hospitals never able to have children. A place where Japanese US Citizens were imprisoned on the Manzanar Paiute Reservation in California during World War Two. All of these events happened and in my fifteen and a half years of education hardly any of them were mentioned in my education
which in why I've educated myself since 1994. What is the point of AP classes if partisan
nationalist/fascist educational officials try to paint a hunky dory picture without reality?
I gave up on institutionally taught historical classes some years ago. These denialists need to realize that the Archie Bunker love it or leave it version of history they subscribe to is a lie.
Baker University got Haskell lands before Robert Bennett, Oneida, was appointed to run the BIA. He was the first Indian to run the Bureau of Indian Affairs in almost a century. White people ran the BIA. laundered the wetlands, and White federal courts sanctified the theft like many White federal courts do. Indians weren't consulted on that land transaction and are still barely listened to. This is part of the White washed or censored history that Conservative people like these Colorado officials want. They don't possess the depth as people to understand what real history is do they?

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Kansas Gov. Brownback to proclaim Zombie Preparedness Month

Sam Brownback knows what his constituents are right?

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Report: Paul Davis was at rural Kansas strip club raided by police in 1998

Kansas Republicans doing what they do........ignoring their dismal record and selling this nonsense to their low information rural 19th century values voters......REALLY????
WHO CARES!!!!! funding education WAY MORE IMPORTANT..... protecting the environment
IMPORTANT....looking forward to your unemployment MR. Brownback.

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Boxing firm has suit against Kansas Senate hopeful Orman

When one is weak or obsolete on political policy they smear out of weakness.

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Task force unable to pinpoint cause of earthquakes

Results brought to you by the Koch Brothers/Americans For Prosperity. Why worry about facts when the deregulators will tell low information people what they want to hear? What's the difference between pro-Russian propaganda in bordering countries and Koch Brothers propaganda here? none. Both want their views and on one elses.

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Jenkins frustrated with lack of strategy for Ukraine crisis

Archie Bunkers are men who haven't evolved beyond their angry complaining father's views of Civil Rights and other issues like Women's Rights and the like and think that sounding educated and respectful of others is pc. They fight for the right to insult others like an American freedom. They have never moved beyond a point when a White man's word was the last word when it came to other people knowing their places whether it was being quiet and tolerating racist comments like a "GOOD" minority or knowing how to be quiet and cook in the kitchen. I was five or so living in central Louisiana and going to my late mother's family gatherings in Greene and Perry County, MS, and being around my grandfather and a couple of his siblings who were STRAIGHT Archie Bunker before Archie Bunker was on TV. Some of the people on here would fit right in Mississippi.
Someone needs to tell the truth here. I don't see a TOS problem with that. The Trayvon Martin, Redskins mascot issue, and Ferguson situation along with the fast food strikes
bring on Archie Bunkers en masse. I hear them all day on KMBZ whether it's Jonathan Weir, Rush, or the Dana and Parks or Darla J shows. Someone has to confront these people because they think in terms or regression instead of progression and they're bringing this country to a halt with the Tea Party and GOP because they fear the world changing around them and they try by any means possible to stop it from happening.
I've put up with people like this most of my life and I've had it. That's where I come from.

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Letter: Global threat

hey archie bunker....get Ollie north and a bunch of other mythical 1980's action figures and attack him from the recliner while listening to FOX NEWS.

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Letter: Unsecured guns

good....bring on the wild wild west cowboys.....oh yeah and I'm a gun owner embarrassed by certain people.

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Douglas County leaders, Indian tribe continue to work on plans for North Lawrence property

Tribes use gaming funds to build elder housing at Mayetta with the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation and at Rossville with the Citizen Band Potawatomi Nation of Oklahoma. Tribes use gaming funds with the extensive language and cultural revitalization efforts of the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Cherokee Nations of Oklahoma, and the efforts of smaller tribes like the Kaw and Osage Nations of Oklahoma. Tribes like the Sokaogan Mole Lake Chippewa and Forest County Potawatomi Nations used a combined $17 million to buy lands along the Wolf River path and tributaries to prevent mining that used cyanide to extract the materials in the past in Wisconsin. That money came from gaming revenue. Tribes have treasury monies from past land sales and treaties but some stuff is paid for by gaming. In Mississippi the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians have satellite communities on 300 and 400 acre reservation parcels and a couple of them like Bok Chito are rural. Gaming monies paid for a new tribal school building and a community center for Bok Chito which is traditionally one of the most culturally identifiable Choctaw communities. Unlike other tribal communities these people are trying to raise their blood quantum requirements to 3/4th because they are Choctaw in appearance and cultural practices. I see poor people everywhere and Miami, Oklahoma doesn't look any worse for the wear with that many casinos than previously. They did have a bad flood a number of years ago with the Neosho River and many environmental issues with lead mining and Picher, Oklahoma, nearby but this town is the way it looks. I don't see the crime there.
That's not to say that there wasn't an official in Auburn, Kansas, who recently got caught big time for embezzling to gamble or a Muscogee Creek official that gambled on the tribe's card and was fired and is facing charges in Oklahoma. I've seen a new Cherokee casino at Ramona, Oklahoma, in recent years along with a new Myamiaa casino in Miami, Oklahoma, and a new Ioway casino on Route 66 near Wellston, Oklahoma, and I don't see the crime there. There's fixing to be a new Cherokee casino in South Coffeyville, Oklahoma on US 169
a mile out of Coffeyville, Kansas in the coming years. We live in a culture that hates to pay taxes and then wonders why things aren't done. The lottery was supposed to pay for schools right? they say that over in Missouri you know. What isn't paid in taxes is probably gained in gaming compacts when said people give away their money to casinos who give a cut back to their resident state to cover what these heck no people don't pay in taxes. The state of Kansas could've gained revenue from tribal casinos in the 1990's but they acted like kids and wouldn't come to the table and so they got no compact monies pre Seminole IGRA legal case in the 1990's. Now they run casinos and one wonders where that money goes.

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