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Tax appraiser says home values up slightly, ag land values soar

During the 2014 election cycle people were warned that this tax mess the gop created would cause a raise in property taxes on farm lands. You voted for Brownback you reap what you sow.

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Wetlands fans anticipate Baker discovery center opening

People who never learned the destructive acts of their culture at a school that charges $30k a year to attend use the term grousing in the past because their college of choice didn't value history as knowledge. Old Castle and the wetlands are proof of this. The building of this road in the wetlands is akin to the flooding of Seneca lands in violation of ratified treaties with the Kinzua Dam in Pennsylvania in the 1960's that led to the forced relocation of Seneca people from the Cornplanter land Grant in Pennsylvania to the Allegheny Reservation in New York State or the flooding of Celilo Falls in Oregon where numerous Oregon tribes fished salmon for millennia until a dam project destroyed the area. In essence historical ignorance is no defense and since Baker supported breaking it they in essence can now own the consequences of their destruction. Ask the professors "What's history anyway?"

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Wetlands fans anticipate Baker discovery center opening

I grew up at 416 5th Street in Baldwin City at my grandparents right across the street from Old Castle Museum or the first site of Baker University from 1975 on visiting every summer and living there while attending Baker University from 1988-89. I used to look at the collections they had there. Baker University has let this building and it's collection go. They even spoke of this in the last Baker Orange. It's seems many Baker students suffer from a lack of informed history about the Indigenous peoples whose lands they inhabit. The land that all of this stuff is occurring on was used to re educate Native children to White farming in spite of the fact that indigenous peoples had been farming on this continent for thousands of years before pretentious and condescending immigrants showed up demanding Nahollo anumpa be spoken instead of their indigenous languages at Haskell Institute and made these Haskell students stay captive on boarding school campus for years at a time so that Native culture,
language, religion, and a cultural connection to the land could not be passed down. The American Society sought to eliminate indigenousness then as this road project has desecrated the area now where many Haskell students were culturally stripped of who they were and the attempted elimination of indigenousness happened with the dismissal of Indigenous connection to the land by a Non-Indian College and a Non-Indian Judicial system in the last three years. I know of two now deceased elders, Oklahoma Choctaw and Kansas Munsee, who attended Haskell in the 1930's and 1940's who were kept away by force from their parents to keep their culture from being passed down. They both told of their boarding school experiences back then. The Munsee woman was taken from her parents at nine years of age and shipped around to the Genoa Indian School in Nebraska, the Wyandotte Indian School in Oklahoma, and Haskell, between 1929 and 1937. The kids who worked the fields KDOT, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and Baker University helped destroy had the same experiences if not worse than the two people I mentioned above.

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Wetlands fans anticipate Baker discovery center opening

Thanks for the destruction, white washing, and denial of indigenous history and culture on the lands you've desecrated. May be you can show Baker University how to finish the destruction of things with the Old Castle Museum building. Nothing like letting the building your college began from go to a total mess, Then again if all Baker University and it's employees care about is money than what's history anyway?

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Foreign language enrollment at KU: Down but hardly out

Indigenous languages are where growth takes place. This country did such a wonderful job of creating a monolingual culture of colonial destruction in it's infancy that many languages became extinct except on paper. Now as tribes have gaming monies to re invest in cultural revitalization good things happen. Nittak Chahta anumpa li. I didn't speak Choctaw until I was 28 years old. Nittak pokoli ushtah awah ushtah siah. I may not speak the language well but I understand it as a 44 year old. Colleges like Harvard with Munsee, MIT with Wampanoag, and KU with Siouan languages, have worked with the revitalization of supposedly dormant or extinct languages. Look at the whole picture.

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Letter: Rights have limits

As someone who received their first gun as a Christmas present to hunt with in 1978 in Louisiana I fear the wannabes, chestbeaters, and zealots who politicize an issue to blind a segment of the populace to blindly vote against their own interests and hurt all of us as a whole with paranoia. I worked in a crime area (Central Topeka) from 1992 to 1996 delivering food and I DIDN"T CARRY a gun. I even survived two holdups and in one the perp didn't get the money. I had a former neighbor of mine massacre his family in Topeka and get 82 years in Lansing for it. This guy even threatened my life once and I didn't carry a gun. Thinking clearly is a greater weapon than carrying.

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Letter: Climate politics

No one's out to get you......better check the cheese because paranoid Rob Lowe said the government puts sensors in it to track you. Tin foil hats are optional.

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Letter: Climate politics

the propensity to use big words and mean absolutely nothing is astounding. Better yet do we have someone in our midst responsible for creating the fog of illogical doubt? oh yeah.

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Haskell seeking information about vandalism to sacred sweat lodges

Since a majority of Lawrence and Baker University acted like indigenous religions were invisible or unimportant when the South Lawrence Trafficway was built who doesn't see that this bigotry already existed? countless "trolls" egging people on with the words "Pave baby pave" all the time on this paper's site. Baker University Biologist Roger Boyd mentioning nothing of the historical suffering of indigenous students or the suppression of indigenous religious beliefs tied to the land that immigrants have desecrated and destroyed in the wetlands that he's manipulated when he gave a speech at Free State High School's auditorium last Saturday in which I confronted him and reminded him and the audience of as he tried to scientifically erase any mention of this history in his presentation on his "NEW?" wetlands. This area has a problem and now that this road's being finished this problem isn't going to go away. Think about it......If a town can ignore the horrible history of this country and it's treatment of indigenous people and build a road right through an area considered sacred and have scientists and uneducated locals mock this assertion of sacredness as was done Saturday one shouldn't be surprised that this hasn't happened already.

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Police asking for tips in Sunday morning stabbing

Nice to hear from two wild west proponents at once.

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