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Opinion: Don’t forget America’s first refugees

Were established. The Christian suppression of tribal identity brought on the Metacomet or King Philip's War of 1676-1679. Tribal people were sold into slavery to Bermuda. Between 1980 and 2013 two Wampanoag communities were finally recognized after four centuries since Plymoth Rock. There has been a Christian occupation of this indigenous since then. The Christian refugees overran this indigenous land. How colonialism and religion go hand in hand.

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Opinion: Don’t forget America’s first refugees

Prior to the Mayflower arrival there were Pokanoket, Paugusset, Wampanoag, and Massachusett people along with Nipmuc, Niantic, and Nauset people all Algonkian speakers. By 1679, the Christian Pilgrims had created their own caliphate so to speak forcing these Algonquian peoples to become Christian or perish as savages. Praying towns such as Mashpee

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Father explains Greene’s 6-game suspension due to playing-time dispute

this double standard is it.It's funny. When a White player, Connor Frankamp, leaves KU over playing time no one says anything. Heck he can even get pulled over for DUI in Wichita and no whisper campaign happens. Breanen Greene get empassioned about PT and his father has to PR to stop the whisper campaign. Mrs. Quennette wants proof of racism at KU

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South Lawrence Trafficway still on track for fall 2016

What a mess. Being able to steal and destroy an area. Such talent. Such american exceptionalism.

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Who's the most famous person you've ever seen in Lawrence?

I saw Dan Quisenberry at Mass ST Music. I saw Billy Corgan in front of Liberty Hall.I spoke with Ice T at the Outhouse. I sat next to Joan Baez at a pow wow. I saw Russell Means at a Haskell pow wow and met Vine Deloria after a KU symposium at the Holidome. I stagedove to the right of Maynard Keenan off of the Liberty Hall Stage when Tool opened for the Rollins Band in 1992 and I hung out with Slayer in the Liberty Hall basement. I love Lawrence.

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Kansas housed thousands of POWs during World War II; town celebrates history as Guantanamo concerns grow

People forget that in the 1870's Nez Perce, Modoc, Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Comanche people were held at Fort Marion in Florida and Fort Leavenworth as POWS. The Fort Marion prisoners were the beginning of the boarding school experience in 1878. The Nez Perce followers of Chief Joseph were taken to Fort Leavenworth. Many died there. More died between Miami, OK, and the Oakland Tonkawa Reservation before they were returned to Washington State in 1904. The Chiracahua Apache people including Geronimo were treated like Gitmo prisoners in their day. No one wanted them. They were US POWS for three decades.

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Opinion: Law puts child’s race above welfare

undue American colonialism. The law was created to stop cultural genocide i.e. the loss of identity and culture. Since most Americans immigrants descending from Colonists have very little concept of culture they're oblivious to the damage from their actions. Language and culture immersion classes are big right now to undue American colonialism. Icwa came about because these people dont know when to stop.

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Opinion: Law puts child’s race above welfare

George Will ignores three centuries of cultural and physical genocide that indigenous people of North America suffered at the hands of White people. Blood quantum was created by White people to bring about paper genocide. Ask Virginia tribes victimized by eugenics about this. The US Supreme Court case Santa Clara V Martinez allowed tribes to determine membership criteria in 1978. The ICWA stopped the black market adoption push by churches to grab native children and divorce them from their culture. Amnesia concerning this dark history serves conservatives well in their denial.

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Rebuilt 31st Street now open from Ousdahl to Haskell

This is the era of historical and cultural disconnect. This road destroyed an area where the United States Government and Protestant denominations played out the "Killing the Indian
To Save the Man" assimilation policy from 1884 to the 1950's. The laundering of this land
out of Indian hands was part of the dispossession and assimilation policies of the European
immigrants to the indigenous land and the initiation of the assimilation policy barely a century
after the American Revolution in 1884. Christian denominations beat the culture and language
out of the tribal students in the late 19th century. The students went to the wetlands here as they went to the fences near the edge of the Chilocco Indian School Campus near Newkirk, Oklahoma to escape White assimilation.

I haven't been to the wetlands since the fall of 2012. I will never go there again. I have hundreds of pictures of what the American culture of obliviousness and denial has destroyed.
I have a painting of myself in Choctaw traditional attire my Dad painted in an area now destroyed. I saw wetlands like these used to be where I grew up along the Calcasieu
River in Moss Bluff, Louisiana and in the Atchafalaya Basin in the late 1970's.
This area was home to the Pomona Phase Culture, the ancestors of the Pawnee people,
the Kaw and Osage people, the Shawnee people, and all of the Haskell students.
Ask the Oregon tribes about Celilo Falls destruction or the Kaw people about the flooding of the Waconda Spring for a reservoir or the destruction of Kaw Chief Fool Chief's village
that was destroyed by an intersection project at Menoken Road and US 24 between Topeka
and Silver Lake, KS recently. President Obama is being pressed to put 1.9 million acres in federal protection for five tribes who are tired of desecration by atv riders and looters in what is known as the Bears Paws area in Utah. The Utah GOP Representative Rob Bishop called the potential antiquities protection of this area "Crap". I remember the same tone at KDOT
hearings concerning the SLT a decade ago. Na Dene people have been protesting the DOD land swap of Oak Flats, a sacred Na Dene area in Arizona going to DC and leading protests
and confronting GOP Arizona Representative Gosar about his flippant/racist comments towards the Na-Dene people while selling out to the Multi-National mining company Rio Tinto.
This area has been destroyed. I will remind the oblivious public of this from now on. Mistakes are great educational tools so get used to it. You'll never hear this version from Baker University or it's biologists. Once broken the consequence is being reminded since no one listened to begin with.

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Local patients, health care providers relieved by Obamacare ruling; GOP vows to keep fighting

Between May 27 and today I've recovered from vertigo. I had an emergency room visit with cts and mris. My hospitalization cost seventeen thousand dollars. My aca bcbs silver plan covered all but twenty nine hundred dollars of this bill. I've paid two thousand dollars of my deductible already. Im not part of the large write off the LMH leader spoke of. Im responsible for my bill and care due to aca helping me. Stop the ignorance and lies about aca. Caring about people is a good thing right?

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