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US, Cuba patch torn relations in historic accord

if it matters for the simpleton on here the people doing the most complaining about this are peninsulares or criollios....White Hispanics whose ancestors invaded as the original one percenters to exploit and plunder and set up the encomienda and peonage systems to create a system of indentured servitude that poor indigenous people and ex slaves could never escape. The GOP could learn from these people even more about exploiting and containing
population segments for the benefit of the wealthy creating an even bigger income disparity
gap than the one that exists currently. That's why they have Marco Rubio in their party.
The Castros aren't saints by any measure but neither was the American puppet Bautista
whom Castro overthrew in 1959. These wealthy Cubans had their assets seized much
as the Arawak, Carib, and Taino peoples had seen much of their population and their lands wiped out by greed starting with Columbus. There wasn't a situation where the CIA overthrew
President Arbenz in Guatemala in 1953 because he wanted to nationalize the Dole
Banana Company. Most Americans have no idea about Arawaks, Caribs, Tainos,
Aymaras, Mapuches, Yanomamis, Quiches, Incas, Mayans, Olmecs, Mixtecs,
Nahautls (Aztecs), Yaquis, Seris, Tarahumaras, or any of the many indigenous peoples of the Americas. They either think of Latinos or Hispanics, or any of the colonial country names
that subjugated the lands with foreign country names in the Spanish language. One needs
to remember that both English and Spanish languages came here on boats. I just read an
article online about Arawak and Taino descendants in eastern Cuba and Puerto Rico.
So much for the paper genocide of the Spanish and English colonists.

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Your Turn: Students defend information request

false equalization is not a very good defense for the actions of the Koch Brothers. You know this right?

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Your Turn: Students defend information request

For years now, especially since the 1960's, Conservative interests have tried to attack and silence empirical thought in education because want to take away empirical learning and create their own sets of facts and use colleges to legitimize their beliefs whether it's free markets, climate change, or affirmative action, to name a few issues. These conservatives attack educated people by using the term liberal as a slur. If one wants to create a place like Liberty University or Bob Jones University that's their right. They have to own the racial animas and history that goes with their unpopular positions though. What's currently going in is a whole bunch of Koch payola going through colleges throughout this country. I find it ironic that governors like Sam Brownback create economic situations where collegiate funding by states is decreasing due to failed trickle down economic policy and people like the Koch Brothers are stepping in with funding to fix funding issues created by Koch allies like Sam Brownback's economic policies and at the same time trying to create conservative friendly places of higher education that are silenced by Koch payola as places of empirical learning over time as the institutions potentially become more dependent on Koch money which seems to be the plan evident to me from the get go. Get in power politically, cut funding and wreck
the funding structure of governmental entities, walk away like George W. Bush did in 2008
or like Sam Brownback will in 2018 and create a funding vacuum that allows deep pocketed
private entities like the Kochs to play the take our money and be quiet or else position. Why be so secretive and protective if this isn't the case? If one wanted to emerge superior in an
empirical academic environment why couldn't one provide information to sway people in an academically competitive environment independently without trying to rig the college environment with blackmailing by funding?

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Gas prices fall more than 40 cents since November; Lawrence fuel prices lower than state average

We went to OKC on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. We rented a Fiat 500 locally.
We went down US 169 south and US 75 north back. We went down towards Ada from
OKC and straight north to Bristow and back to Tulsa and this area. We used $53 in gas
and on the tank down we got 42 mpg going from Lawrence to south OKC on one tank
(366 miles). There are isolated towns along the Kansas Oklahoma border where gas jumps
considerably in price but we saw $2.28 in Bartlesville at Kwik Trip and we saw $2.09 at
a gigantic truck stop on East Reno St. near the OKC Thunder stadium east of Bricktown.
There are so many different gas retailers in OKC that there is a 20 to 30 cent swing at times
in price but that also has to do with alcohol free gas and 10% ethanol gas. Oklahoma has a profound dislike for ethanol gas due to their petroleum production base. Gas in KC is cheaper on the Missouri side because the bad road State of Missouri has one of he lowest road taxes in the US and their roads show it.

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Opinion: Explaining white privilege

Oh yeah....ignoring tribal ties to wetlands and forced boarding school attendance and cultural trauma and destruction of tribal languages and religions to make White Christians out of tribal peoples...totally because of White privilege. White views of these lands mattered more than the indigenous peoples connection and memories that existed before White people ever arrived here. I won't go anywhere near that mess they've created.

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Letter: Academic integrity

If Mr. Hall wasn't a mouth piece for the Koch agenda and he came into this position of his own acts there would be pushback against the student group.. However, Mr. Hall is a mouthpiece
for the Koch Brothers who are seeking to undermine and buy off places of higher education until everyone agrees with them or is intimidated into agreeing with them due to Citizens United. Kudos to these students standing up to Goliath as Goliath's water carrier tries to hide his true work, KU is a place of higher education...not a place of reinforced White privilege.
Hear that Koch Brothers?

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Opinion: Explaining white privilege

You are the poster person for this whole thread. You call it revisionist history because White Privilege made sure that none of the bad things were reported because who controlled
the press and the media back then? White people. Revisionism was a term invented by White conservatives in the1980's when they came under rightful attack for their denials of American bad acts whether it was the hundred years through Jim Crow that it took for the rights prescribed in the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to take effect when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed or the 190 years it took for the Maine Land Claims Settlement Act to be signed in 1980 to return hundreds of thousands of acres to a couple of Indian tribes in Maine whose land rights were violated under the Indian Non-Intercourse Act of 1790 when Massachusetts and Maine made land cession treaties without an act of the US Congress as required by the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution with these Maine Indian tribes. Even better the Thirteen Colonies had immunity for this legal violation from the 1790's to the 1970's
and better yet future SCOTUS Justice John Roberts had complete legal ignorance concerning violations of the Indian Non-Intercourse Act of 1790 when he gave advice as a legal clerk for Judge Rehnquist in the City of Sherill, New York V. Oneida Indian Nation that completely disregarded the legal precedent started by the land claims cases involving violation of the Indian Non Intercourse Act of 1790. What allowed 190 years of legal immunity for the thefts of Indian land by these American colonies? why White privilege of course.
Who was esteemed with the most privilege in those times? White people. Please make my case for me.

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Brownback moving ahead on 50-year water vision

This is pure fiction. Colorado and Nebraska already punk the state of Kansas on water right issues with the Arkansas and Republican River compacts having had to sue in the past over said issues. Water from the Missouri River...really???? ask Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri about this not to forget that the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas has water rights from when their reservation did reach the Missouri River in the 19th century and has tried to build the Pikatanoi Pipeline to their reservation to pipe river water there because no one will do anything state or federally about the Plum Creek situation or the Winters Doctrine promising water for the arts of civilization from a 1908 US Supreme Court
ruling in favor of tribal water sources and viability. Denial should be part of the GOP platform.

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Letter: Academic integrity

I guess you don't know about the $30k or more a year for room, board, tuition, and books,
at PRIVATE universities like Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas. Many small private schools nationally have tuition this much or higher regularly passing the tuition costs
of government schools like KU and K State. I guess if you listen to Rush or watch Fox too
much facts and observations don't matter do they?

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Wichita minister frightened by death threats

Certain parts of our populace who watch Fox News and have their views reinforced by Fox News who don't like fundamentalists elsewhere act just like the fundamentalists here threatening violence and such. I remember violence against minorities in Louisiana and Mississippi as a child in the 1970's so I guess nothing's changed right?

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