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KDOT says additional improvements to Kasold and SLT intersection unlikely following crash

Told you all not to build this road.

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Letter to the editor: Rural vs. urban

The conservatives deny the obvious and rely on the masochist doctrine that the Republicans make them swallow like a bitter pill. States rights began with Andrew Jackson and became the rallying cry for George Wallace as a way to fight integration in the 1960's that the Republicans from Nixon to Reagan absorbed as part of the Southern Strategy. States rights pushed the Five Civilized Tribes out of the Southeast United States and maintained the Jim Crow Status Quo in spite of the Civil rights amendments of the 1860's. Can't connect the dots of guilt...I'll do it for you. States rights maintains racism. Rural people want states rights. Do I see people of color in many of the regional small towns I lived in? No. I guess the shoe fits. I also lived in former sundown towns. Yeah...what's that about?

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Several hundred protest President-elect Trump in downtown Lawrence

Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover brought four terms of FDR. I wonder how many Democrats will have to clean up this mess?

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Several hundred protest President-elect Trump in downtown Lawrence

Remember H.L Mencken stating Never Underestimate the stupidity of the American People. They proved him right this election.

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Several hundred protest President-elect Trump in downtown Lawrence

Not respecting any rights garaunteed by the 14th Amendment is disrespectful. Not respecting women is disrespectful. Not respecting minorities is disrespectful. You reap what you sow. Donald Trump will never be respected. I take a page from Mitch McConnell. Remember how cordial he was?

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Measuring how much time the new South Lawrence Trafficway really will save you

Who cares about the reasons Native people and environmental people fought the road? Just destroy lands and do dumb things over and over like colonists usually do.

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Letter to the editor: Not affordable

A few people benefit? another straw man arguement. I paid $815 in ACA tax penalties two years ago. I got it straightened out and I had health insurance. King of false arguement today?

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Letter to the editor: Not affordable

It's funny watching 45 comments generated because the letter writer left out how much premium tax credits they received. It's pretty easy to create a false arguement when one omits facts. It's a common Republican practice. My tax credit went up at the same rate as the increase. I paying what I paid last year for the same silver plan. Oh and I pay taxes. It's nice to get some of it back. Thanks for the false story letter writer. A complex critical thinker dispelled your nonsense.

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Leaders laud completion of SLT at ribbon-cutting; road to open to traffic on Wednesday

Don't worry about the indigenous people whose land you live on, who were subjected to cultural genocide through your government boarding schools,who have your racist concept of honoring to deal with. Manipulate, lie, and destroy like you always have. Your schools and churches don't teach you history or ethics anyway.

November 6, 2016 at 9:36 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Dakota Access CEO: Company committed to finishing pipeline

North Dakota is historically home to Pembina Ojibwe, Cree, Metis,Mandan, Cheyenne, Hidatsa,Arikira,Lakota,Dakota,and maybe Assiniboine people.it would be hard to find an area where tribal cultural sites aren't. Kiowa,Comanche,and Cheyenne people were ran out of Paha Sapa by Lakota back then. When colonists invade a country there are consequences.

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