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Letter to the editor: Historical amnesia

My ancestors have been Europeans that came here in the early 1600s and Choctaw and Biloxi people that have been here some time.

There are people who do the colonial love it or leave it indoctrination nationalist nonsense for lack of identity and those who evolve through knowledge. Three of you are the former. I'm the latter.

Colonists came here with divine paternalism and exploitation in mind. Spaniards in the early 16th century. French, English, and Dutch from the mid 16th century to the early 17th century. Nevermind indigenous peoples had farmed and cultivated the three sisters and hunted for some time. All of the European colonists upended the balance and continue to do so. Boarding schools for Indigenous people furthered the patronizing of colonists. Drain wetlands to farm like White people. Then have the White people forget what they did in a centuries time and build over an area of forced labor by people whose ancestors were helpless at Plimoth in Massachusetts and resorting to cannibalism at Jamestown. Wampanoag and Powhattan people remember this.

Have a 241 year old government force Choctaw people to cede away millions of acres in Mississippi and Alabama between 1785 and 1830. Remove many Choctaw people to Indian Territory but leave mixed Choctaw people between Mobile and Baton Rouge. Recognize no Choctaw Nation in Mississippi between 1831 and 1916. Have mixed Choctaw descendants like my Breland ancestors come forth between 1902 and 1914 and be told by the Dawes Allotment Commission that they have ancestry but they're not getting Choctaw land in ancestry. I have my grandfather tell me his mother and grandmother are Brelands and Choctaw and their people are on the Dawes Rolls in 1988. I find their people in the Dawes Rolls not being awarded allotments but on the rolls. Your government when ran by states rights people stole Indian land. I'm a Choctaw descendant. I know of many people like me on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I know a Douglas County veterinarian whose Choctaw ancestors were from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Not enrolled but Choctaw. I know people whose ancestors are enrolled with MCBI but the kids are less than half Choctaw so no enrollment. Chahta anumpa li. Chahta imanumpa ish anumpa hinla ho?

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Letter to the editor: Historical amnesia

Mr. Reynolds. You make no sense. No one came here from Polynesia or Australia. Indigenous people went to different parts of this planet depending on sea level and climate temperature.

Spanish, British, French, and Dutch colonial powers used indigenous nations to fight proxy wars for them starting in the early 1600's. These wars were exacerbated when they became part of larger European wars in North America including the Beaver Wars, The French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the War of 1812. Europeans caused war between indigenous nations upon arriving.

Haskell Institute as it was known previously was a boarding/assimilation school where indigenous culture was drilled and beaten out of kids as they were kept from their parents for years at a time. A Munsee elder from Pomona Kansas whom I knew was primarily kept from her parents at three Indian boarding schools between 1929 And 1937 to prevent indigenous lifeways from being passed down. Your culture was responsible for this and your culture shows it remorse by building a road over an area of forced labor and having historical amnesia. In closing Brick Masters save the attempts for personal attacks to Senator Scott Brown. He wasn't very good at them either.

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Letter to the editor: Historical amnesia

Typical uneducated conservative banter that reinforces my statements. Thanks for affirming my letter statement. I don't think that Europe would want Trump voters back anyway. My ancestors applied for Choctaw allotment lands after the Dawes Commission broke up reservations for Sooners and the creation of Oklahoma in 1906-1907 and were not awarded allotments by the White Dawes Commission in charge of legalizing the theft of tribal land through allotment. 17000 applicants applied for Choctaw allotment lands and 1936 were accepted. Just like the Republicans now. Give the least amount of justice to the fewest people possible. I'm not rambling I'm pointing out the absurdity of American colonial logic in trying to teach indigenous people how to farm when indigenous people survived in deserts, the Arctic excedera. Those wetlands were ordered drained for White farming and destroyed by White Greed and ignored by the luxury of American indifference driven by colonial viewpoints. Chipisalichikki.

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After LHS student raises concerns, tribal chief wants to rescind Shawnee Mission North's use of Indian mascot

Mr. Summers. Always ignoring the obvious to troll. Oh well.

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Letter to the editor: Dump Pitts

People in a bubble need to know the reality outside their bubble differs. People like Mr. Stussie need to know the collateral damage their candidate is causing. My wife and I are collateral damage of the election of this candidate and neither we or Mr. Pitts will shush. I'd like to tell the silencers of dissent to shush.

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Banner featuring Shawnee Mission North Indian mascot taken down at Lawrence High School

Sam Crow....actual history that White people suppressed and don't like being reminded of. How's that history suppression going for President Orange right now?

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Banner featuring Shawnee Mission North Indian mascot taken down at Lawrence High School

Randolph Fellows. This recount of the Shawnee Mission experience sounds like what was done at the Kaw Mission in Council Grove under Reverend Thomas Huffaker in the1850's with Kaw children.

I've worked off and on with Munsee descendants in the Pomona Kansas area for a decade. Before they were on their reservation in Pomona they were where Muncie,Kansas and the Leavenworth Soldier's Cemetery is. That cemetery was created after the Munsee people removed from that area in 1859.

Munsee children crossed the Kansas River and attended Shawnee Mission in the early 1840's.

The boarding school idea was conceived by US Army Colonel Richard Pratt who worked with Kiowa,Comanche,Cheyenne,
Arapaho,and Caddo prisoners of war in Florida in the 1870's. From there the boarding school idea went to the African American Hampton Institute and to the Carlisle Indian School in 1879. Haskell Institute was opened in 1883-1884 and many other Indian boarding schools followed. It was illegal by federal law to practice indigenous religions and speak indigenous languages from 1886 on. These schools killed languages, cultures, and students.

Some people are ignorant of history and create alternative facts or denigrate the suffering their culture committed on indigenous people. Shame on them.

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Banner featuring Shawnee Mission North Indian mascot taken down at Lawrence High School

Ask the Pueblo communities about the Franciscan friars and Spanish conquistadors who overran their Pueblos and demanded conversion to Catholicism in Spanish and killed and tortured those people who didn't submit like the Pueblo Holy men whose hands were cut off for not submitting and the religious kiva buildings those conquistadors destroyed for not submitting. Yeah those evil Franciscan and the historically clueless Americans who troll.

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Banner featuring Shawnee Mission North Indian mascot taken down at Lawrence High School

Actually Juniper Serra was in the 18th century.

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Banner featuring Shawnee Mission North Indian mascot taken down at Lawrence High School

Sam Crow, first example....Juniper Serra, the Franciscan leader who developed the mission system in California that converted, enslaved,and nearly wiped out much of the indigenous population there in the late 19th century. You obviously don't know much history do you?

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