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Letter: Climate politics

No one's out to get you......better check the cheese because paranoid Rob Lowe said the government puts sensors in it to track you. Tin foil hats are optional.

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Letter: Climate politics

the propensity to use big words and mean absolutely nothing is astounding. Better yet do we have someone in our midst responsible for creating the fog of illogical doubt? oh yeah.

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Haskell seeking information about vandalism to sacred sweat lodges

Since a majority of Lawrence and Baker University acted like indigenous religions were invisible or unimportant when the South Lawrence Trafficway was built who doesn't see that this bigotry already existed? countless "trolls" egging people on with the words "Pave baby pave" all the time on this paper's site. Baker University Biologist Roger Boyd mentioning nothing of the historical suffering of indigenous students or the suppression of indigenous religious beliefs tied to the land that immigrants have desecrated and destroyed in the wetlands that he's manipulated when he gave a speech at Free State High School's auditorium last Saturday in which I confronted him and reminded him and the audience of as he tried to scientifically erase any mention of this history in his presentation on his "NEW?" wetlands. This area has a problem and now that this road's being finished this problem isn't going to go away. Think about it......If a town can ignore the horrible history of this country and it's treatment of indigenous people and build a road right through an area considered sacred and have scientists and uneducated locals mock this assertion of sacredness as was done Saturday one shouldn't be surprised that this hasn't happened already.

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Police asking for tips in Sunday morning stabbing

Nice to hear from two wild west proponents at once.

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Opinion: Europe gets the joke of Fox News

Oh my favorite Faux is real news moments......My father and I were in Emporia, Kansas at a McDonalds before my father gave a sermon on Detreich Bonhoeffer. The people around us
were between fifty and eighty years old and White intently watching Faux. I felt like I was in an alternate universe. I also remember on separate occasions at the Chicken House in Olpe, Kansas, and at a restaurant on the square next to the original Wal Mart in Bentonville, Arkansas, where French fries were called freedom fries. Arkansas was originally settled by French traders who took the word Ooo ga pah named for the Quapaw Tribe who had much of Arkansas as their territory and Oo ga pah became Arkansas after the French butchered the word much as English speakers butcher many words. Faux News was on in this Café in Bentonville ironically. I almost utters the words Parlez Vous Francais? in protest. Oh how some people set this country back centuries.

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Saturday Column: Polished Obama message doesn’t tell whole story

Since a lot of people seem to have failed US Government Class including the editor of this paper I will go back to 1987 and 1988 when I took US Government in High School. The US Congress proposes legislation with individual congress people submitting legislation that is either doa or goes through committee. The Senate either accepts or rejects this congressional bill or adds amendments or comes up with their own legislation. They also have committees.
I know this because I call the US Senate Joint Committee on Indian Affairs frequently at 202 224 2251. If neither political body has any issue with a bill they both pass it on and the President signs it. You know like the ACA.

Now for reality. The GOP was in total shambles when President Obama was elected in 2008. They vowed to never let any of his legislation pass. I remember one Mitch "Turtle Man"
McConnell stating as such and vowing to make President Obama a one term president. That worked well. They let the purity seeking intelligence challenged constituency enter their party and the obstructionism and hate followed. I have one very estranged ex grandfather who is this constituency to the T so I've seen their beliefs and work up close and personal.

Now for the clarification the GOP, the editor of this paper, and FOX News conveniently ignore.
The two GOP bodies in the house and senate's idea of compromise is submit to our churchlican, red meat, Koch and ALEC authored bills or we'll stymie you and blame you because we're having a tantrum. Sorry, the XL pipe isn't passing. Now come up with some logical legislation like sane Republicans did when I was a child. You know I'm 44 now. Has it been that long since the GOP passed sane legislation? In closing...the ACA was a Newt Gingerich idea back in the early 1990's that was pushed to make people responsible to choose their own plans and make financial decisions. Guess what......I've chosen two plans for my wife and I....I've had to watch and account for what we make and report job changes. I've tripled down on my financial observations and I actually get to go to a doctor that I used to have to pay installment payments for a couple of years to pay off. Bear in mind I've had the same budget plan for myself since 1992. So it's not as if it took the ACA to make me responsible. It's just nice to not have to roll the dice with health anymore like I did for half of my twenties and from 2011 to 2013. GOP, the LJW Editor, constituents, FOX NEWS....don't blame the President when you've taken the tires off the car so to speak and are trying to get that old zombie called supply side economics and trickle down recycled to create more economic havoc right Governor Brownback?

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Lawrence lines up for tickets to see President Obama

They're already here Fred...they're called're one right? oh yeah I got my mad?

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President Obama to visit Lawrence next week

will you ever tire of being oblivious to the world above your rock?

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President Obama to visit Lawrence next week

Havana is about 15 miles west southwest of Dearing where I saw the Obama scarecrow in front of the racist antique store on US 75 just south of Independence, Kansas. We go by there going to Oklahoma. This area was a Klan stronghold in the 1920's.

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Letter: A moral crisis

No, they need to be selfish right wing religious nationalists and use religion to judge others and cloak themselves in and twist the true intent of religion and charity as it was. The 20th century puritans need to re appear right Andy?

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