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City law interpretation spares lives of chickens slated for slaughter in public display of art

I am very relieved that Amber Hansen will not be carting chickens around town and slaughtering them for "art." Live animals should not be turned into "art objects." There is nothing artistic about slaughtering chickens and eating them. If it's permissible to slaughter animals for exhibition, how about amputating a live animal's limb, say a wing or a beak or a leg, to make some point or other. A truly creative artist would not even consider it. What we need is to develop compassion for the members of other species instead of trying to invent new opportunities to violate them. Anyone can do violence. There is nothing revolutionary about that. What is revolutionary is standing up for those who cannot defend themselves, no matter who they are, or what species they belong to. Karen Davis, President, United Poultry Concerns. www.upc-online.org.

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Gentle Thanksgiving

Thank you for your letter, Judy. As I wrote in my book, More Than a Meal: The Turkey in History, Myth, Ritual, and Reality, substitution of new materials for previously used ones to celebrate a tradition is an integral part of tradition. In the religious realm, if we can substitute animal flesh for human flesh and bread and wine for "all flesh" and the shedding of innocent blood, and view these changes as advances and not as inferior substitutes, we are ready to go forward in our everyday lives on ground that is already laid. If God can become flesh, then flesh can become fruit. If the Peaceable Kingdom is a genuine desire and a practicable project, then fake meat is the food to which dead meat has aspired, and the fake meat makers are as deserving as anyone is of the Nobel Prize for Peace. Chew on that! Happy compassionate thanksgiving from all of your feathered friends at United Poultry Concerns in Machipongo, Virginia. Karen Davis, President. www.upc-online.org.

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