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Ready to roll: Elijah Johnson, KU ‘re-energized’ after break

it is tharpe you got to know your hawks before smacking them down,elijah is doing fine ask ohio state not every player can go for 15 20 points a game, ball control,pace of the game,thats his job points are always a bonus,alot was said about taylor and look where he went last year championship game enough said

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Ben McLemore named Big 12 rookie of the week

congrats ben, i am very sure we will see plenty of those honors received,best impact freshman since pierce, way to go b mac,and releford should have been player of the month for kansas,i think something good goin on in lawrence, merry christmas jayhawks

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Notebook: OSU coach showers KU with praise

wrong troll

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Police arrest two Illinois parents after surrounding vehicle in parking lot of westside Walmart

that man deserved that as far as im concerned my god there were not only 1 child but 5 children involved in this crap . that is crazy there are people out there that cant have children that would have taken them they didnt have to go to that extreme

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Lawrence man charged with robbery and theft after incident at apartment

i think gary needs to be in jail for a very long time due to he took advantage of a handicap woman i know both of them and its not cool of him to do that sort of thing

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Police arrest wanted man outside of Lawrence

maybe he has not killed anyone yet but still a worthless piece of crap and yes you did threaten him i read your crap im not old cuz, and with your crap talkin ass you will be with him soon i will ask today about charges against you for your threats CUZ

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Jefferson County authorities seeking man described as armed and dangerous

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Police arrest wanted man outside of Lawrence

hey j got your 500 huh bye bye says baston

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Police arrest wanted man outside of Lawrence

I found a child rapiest working at fm a while back,i found him on ks most wanted got a grand im sure 500 for him is no problem

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