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What do you think about employers imposing restrictions against tattoos or piercings?

Has anyone noticed that the ones that feel that the employer shouldn't restrict anyone, are students? I don't think they have fully entered the working world with the intention of supporting themselves or a family. A lot of companies want/need to portray an image and body art may not fit that image, so you wouldn't be considered for the position. Before people jump all over me about it, would you get a piercing or tattoo from someone that has No body art? If you owned the studio, who would you prefer to hire, if everything else were equal? Its called the real world, a world where things may not always be fair.

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Moran: Affordable Care Act beyond repair

I guess you would need to rewrite history for that to be true. The roll-out was on 1 October, and the shutdown was AFTER that. I guess that's the best way to blame others for the mistake

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Moran: Affordable Care Act beyond repair

Zach...No fair rewriting history. The shutdown happened the day that the roll-out occurred, 1 October. So, the shutdown happened AFTER the site should have been ready to go.

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Opinion: Syria reveals Obama incompetence

He wont let his red line mandate cloud his judgment? Just a week or so ago he said he could act WITHOUT approval from congress.

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Gun bill sponsor rebuffs legal concerns

Just an observation after reading these posts. I grew up in Lawrence and loved the life I had there. The diverse population, because of KU made it a quirky, interesting place to live, and many times Ive have thought about moving back. Through out my life since leaving I have encounter several people from other parts of Kansas, and whenever I mentioned I was from Lawrence, I got a cold response. I heard phrases like "snob hill", "wackos" and such, and THOSE were the nicer terms for the people of Lawrence. I could never understand everyones disdane for our great town/city. After reading these posts, and many other posts on the site I have begun to see what the others in the state see. When confronted with a conservative opinion they dont agree with, so many on this site resort to personal attacks questioning the mentality and intelligence of the person. Seldom is the response about the opinion, or even a rebuttle of the that opinion, too often its down to just ridicule of the person. When a minority of the population try to control the majority, and spend way too much time insulting them, after a while the majority usually just ignores them or look at the as so many in Kansas look at the residence of Lawrence. I'm pretty sure that this posting will result in the just very insults and ridicule I had mentioned.

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Letter: Unfair criticism

Ok now THAT was good!

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Letter: NRA proposal

Did anyone notice the shooting incident in Texas that happened the day after Sandy Hook? A guy pulled out an AK and started shooting near a crowd of people in line to go to a movie. He first shot up some stores but his line of fire was moving towards the crowd. An off duty sheriff shot him with her privatley owned weapon, stopping him before he could hurt anyone. The most important part of the story is the fact that no one from the national news networks even mentioned it. Now rather than provide a link I suggest you look up ANY newspaper or local news outlet from Texas, I think it was around Amarillo area and see what they are saying about it

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Letter: Change needed

An Executive order banning a right? Thats called a dictatorship, which is why the 2nd amendment IS important

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South Carolina should fight voter ID ruling

except maybe to help the canidate that wants to make sure no one gets deported. You say there are measures in place when a person signs in......what are they? If you dont have to prove who you are, then whats to keep you from going back and voting again at another polling place? Whats to keep you from using anothers name, one that you know is registered

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South Carolina should fight voter ID ruling

How can it ever be proven when we are not allowed any means of determining that the person voting is actually allowed to vote? If we made it so that the police were not allowed to ask for a persons drivers licsense, then we could say no one has ever been proven in a court of law to have driven a car without one.

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