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Kobach says Kansas has green light on illegal immigration crackdown

why can't we all just get along? why should there be a boarded any ways. i thought we were all equal in this matter sex,race. ect....

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Lawrence Community Shelter seeks $100,000 each from Douglas County and city

Do what the rest of us do, get a job. I understand that we have people in need. But please put the drugs and alochol down. If you need mental help go get it. But there should be a limit to how long people should be able to stay at the shelers.that money could be put into are schools. I agree with you build it they will come.

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Lawrence community devastated, shocked by closing of its SRS office

great more tax dollars wasted on there are people going to see there workers face to face .. thanks government for screwed us over yet again, you close are school and take and take from us... but you keep raising are taxes....Kansas is really screwed up.........

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New home sought for stray cat who was trapped and shot twice

if you let you cat out and it gets hurt it's on you. and i can see why people dont want your unwanted cats in there yard.. i had the neighbors stupid cat scratch the paint on my hood and roof of my bran new car.. so i would have shot the stupid cat to. make be not with a big gun . but for sure a Beebe gun.. if you dont want your pets hurt. follow the law too then and keep your pets in your home......and on leashes....

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KDHE inspects Overland Park abortion clinic

I would rather deal with a English teacher any day... then be a baby killer threw abortion. murder is murder and these Dr will all have to answer to god in the end.. i bet not one of them Drs makes it to heaven........

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KDHE inspects Overland Park abortion clinic

abortion is murder any have to deal with god. i don't see how these Dr can sleep at night. murdering all them babies.........murder is murder at any stage of pregnancy......If you can play then you can pay... but abortion is not the answer to birth control people..........

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Rural Leavenworth County resident Audrie Hummelgaard celebrates 102nd birthday

Happy Birthday .. you are truly a inc-readable woman.. glad to have you as part of are Lawrence history..May your birthday be filled with family and friends...

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Well, well, well: Chrissie Wellington rallies for Kansas three-peat

how do you get in contact with the group 100 good woman?

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