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Have you ever purchased a coat or sweater for a pet to keep it warm?

In light of the story regarding the 58 year-old woman found dead of hypothermia, it
seems we should be worrying more about people than pets.

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Sunflower Broadband's new owners change name to Knology

Change my "" and I will be gone. Marie Preston is a local gal...nice to
see they kept her as a spokesperson.

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Kansas schools facing $50 million budget shortfall

Average pay in Kansas $50,000 with all the benefits you mention.....
you obviously haven't tried to get a teaching job. I think you are
confusing administrators with the average elementary school

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Kansas schools facing $50 million budget shortfall

Do you have children? Did you ever go to school? What is your problem with eduction
and educators. I would like to see anyone take $4,000 and educate a child of any age for one year. Why is this such a difficult concept for so many Kansas citizens. Experienced (or as you call them "high priced" teachers) don't want to quit educating....they are just exhausted from working two extra jobs to make ends meet. I'll venture that in most smaller districts in this state, the guy that picks up your garbage makes more than a first year teacher. So put your kids at then end of the driveway on Wed. and let him teach geometry.

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Boomer Girl Diary: Mom's new boyfriend produces anxious reaction

Sounds like "friendly" could use some love. They also don't understand the dynamics
of a great mother-daughter relationship. Humor is definitely an important component.
I seriously doubt Cathy's mom needs "cheesy recognition" to attain a glow if she's
anything like her fun loving daughter. Lighten up friendlyhawk, there's someone
out there for you too!

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Boomer Girl Diary: Mom's new boyfriend produces anxious reaction

Get a grip seeker -- carrying a grudge isn't healthy!
I find it interesting you choose this time to air your

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School advocates see cause for worry

FYI Corky, the Republicans went on vacation also.

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Lawrence Journal-World named 2010 Newspaper of the Year by Suburban Newspapers of America

Do you know anything about the family who owns this newpaper?
Leftist Marxist Halfwits they are not! Check out the Saturday column...
leftist only in comparison to the Tea Party.

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College drama exhausting

"Coach Cal and Coach Self have a lot in common, both win ball games."

That's where the similarities end. The differences begin with how they win.
Win and move on before the investigation starts has always been the
Calipari motto. Both UMass and Memphis had their Final Four
appearances vacated by the NCCA as a result of the "Calipari method."
Coach Cal had fled the scene before either of those decisions were handed
down. Leaving a program and more importantly players in turmoil.

The comparison is insulting...Calipari shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence
with Bill Self.

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Eudora school district agrees to cut budget, add $50 enrollment fee

They have not "overspent their budgets." Each district's administrators and school boards
have developed a budget , discussed and rediscussed what they can and cannot fund within that budget , approved and implemented those budgets. Districts then went about the business of educating students. AFTER this process the Kansas Legislature has said they are cutting the amount of per student dollars they agreed to pay. AFTER the school year has begun and AFTER the budgeted monies have been committed. Even the most clever among us would find this challenging. What if you had budgeted your household expenses, being careful not to over extend yourself.....then you walk into work and your employer tells you that you will be paid 25% less from now on and that you could most likely expect another round of salary cuts in the next year. Your careful planning has now gone out the window and you have now "overspent your budget." Yes, districts can cut back on
many things...but the school year had begun, they had contract obligations they could
not ignore. More importantly, they have students they cannot ignore. Schools are not
like other businesses.....they are where we get capable prepared individuals to continue
all other future business. Direct your anger/concern where it belongs, in Topeka,
at the people we elected. Tell them to do the right thing.

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