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Editorial: Level field?

"There's nothing wrong with profits"

Well I'm glad the LJW endorses free enterprise (sort of). Now I can sleep at night.

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Roy riled up about UNC's seed, not possible KU match-up

The only way this is a legitimate criticism is if Roy names the teams that shouldn't be seeded ahead of UNC. Otherwise it's kind of pointless and theoretical. The committee has to deal with reality and there's just not a lot of separation this year. I think UNC got dinged because the committee didn't think much of the ACC.

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Editorial: Court maneuver

"Twenty-two states use nominating commissions similar to the one in Kansas but with variations in how commission members are selected. "

I believe Kansas is the only state where the bar comprises the majority of the nominating commission. Even if the makeup of the commission were adjusted it would still be appointed by the bar (no accountability to voters) or the Governor (limited accountability). The process is political now - it's just much more secretive than the federal model. I'm sorry if I am not naive enough to believe that "merit" is the only criteria for selection.

This change is far from perfect, but it is an improvement. There would be much more light on the process, and all Senators would be accountable for their support or lack of support for a nominee. It is also important to note that judges will still be subject to retention by all voters.

I suspect much of the resistance to this is based on the fact that Brownback supports it. This is a policy change and will not just impact the current Governor and Legislative body. I did not vote for Brownback, but am not so blinded by partisanship to oppose every initiative that is proposed.


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Blaze tears through Berkeley Flats apartments

That's funny Jonas. I was in Berkeley a couple different times in the mid-late 90s. I think I lived in 1110 the first time. Good location for football games. Glad everyone made it out ok!

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FINAL: KU overcomes 10-point, second-half deficit, defeats Purdue, 63-60

I quote Fred White "You win some - you lose some - and some just wash up on the beach."

We'll take it - style points don't matter in the tournament.

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Heard on the Hill: National debt clock coming to Watson Library lawn today; The Big Event to send students on volunteer missions; Heard on the Hill has an RSS feed

Bozo - I think they will. I can't speak to their entire platform, but this is a group that spun out of the Ron Paul campaign. I'm reasonably certain they advocate a reduction in U.S. military influence (and spending) as well as corporate welfare. I think you are making an assumption that this is a Tea Party group and it is not.

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Men's basketball team announces addition of walk-on Christian Garrett

Chris Chambliss? BOOOOOOOOO!!

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Midge Offered Proposal by Shelter Board

That's good to hear. My only interactions with her have been very positive and she obviously is very dedicated. Our cats (former residents of the shelter) are happy to hear this as well!

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Midge Offered Proposal by Shelter Board

A proposal to return - or go away?

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Teachable moments?

"President Obama IS Bush, at least when it comes to all his policies."

Liberty_One shoots and scores.


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