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Men's basketball team announces addition of walk-on Christian Garrett

Chris Chambliss? BOOOOOOOOO!!

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Midge Offered Proposal by Shelter Board

That's good to hear. My only interactions with her have been very positive and she obviously is very dedicated. Our cats (former residents of the shelter) are happy to hear this as well!

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Midge Offered Proposal by Shelter Board

A proposal to return - or go away?

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Teachable moments?

"President Obama IS Bush, at least when it comes to all his policies."

Liberty_One shoots and scores.


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Statehouse Live: Republicans achieve big gains in Kansas House

It's worth noting that Brownback has stated he will not attempt to rescind the recent sales tax increase. This is a critical piece of any fiscal strategy for the next cycle. So basically he's against any new taxes, but just fine with the tax burden if he cannot be held accountable. In other words - he's a member of the GOP.


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Chat live with Kevin Yoder, Republican candidate for the 3rd Congressional District

whatzit - there was a forum held last Wed here in Lawrence. Jasmin Talbert was the only candidate who wasn't absent or 45 minutes late. She also has been direct and honest with the voters and media. If you want to vote for a candidate like this love to have ya aboard. You can chat with Jasmin Thursday at 11 here on or feel free to call or email her. She also is holding a Town Hall meeting at the East Lawrence Rec Center Thurs night at 7. So I guess what I'm saying is she likes the voters in Lawrence and is not avoiding their questions.

Patrick Wilbur
Media Representative - Talbert for Congress

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Blog: Democratic group pulls focus from Moore campaign

SouthWestKs - many years I would agree. However Talbert is a much stronger candidate than we have had in the past and the 3rd is by far our strongest district. She will pull at least twice that percentage - minimum. All conjecture right now - check back on 11/2.

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Blog: Democratic group pulls focus from Moore campaign

There has not been a poll that has been released publicly. 538 does not appear to be a poll - but a projection. The ratio for Yoder and Moore is probably pretty close, but it doesn't consider Jasmin Talbert's candidacy. Talbert has been involved in most of the high profile forums and has received good media coverage in the KC area and from KLWN. She was also the only candidate to show up (on time at least) to the forum held in Lawrence on Wed night.

Patrick Wilbur
Media Rep for Talbert for U.S. Congress

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Statehouse Live: Brownback tries to distance himself from Engle

Brownback also faces Andrew Gray in the Nov. 2 election and the oval on the ballot will be just as large.

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Debate imperative

The term nonpartisan means ALL candidates on the ballot should be included. The LJW is referring to bipartisan debates, which is much different. Mr. Gray and Mr. Cannon's ovals on the ballot are just as big as the the Rs and Ds and the voters deserve to hear all views. Otherwise a debate has zero credibility and zero use for the voters.

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