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Frank Martin happy at KSU, but would listen to Miami

Spotted in front of his I-Pad, An exhausted Coach Lazer Eyes checking out Miami real estate ads, while that voice from within whispers "For the Love of GOD, Miami----pleeeeeeeeeeeease call me!!!

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Statehouse Live: Senate approves budget plan that makes cuts in public school funding

Dear Sen. McGinn::While we all wish for "better times", Koch & Boeing's "best days" are here again! To tax these and other entities LESS will shove education funding further down the drain pipe gives all this the raw stench of ONE party rule! The KC Kansas school district has already passed out pink slips just in "anticipation" of funding cuts, thus the equivalent of kicking a wounded horse while they are down. Now, if the Republican Party can JUST somehow cut the judicial branch of government from meddling with their efforts to gut public education?? Keep dreaming ladies & gentlemen..

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Statehouse Live: Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission says no to Kris Kobach getting KU lecture honorarium

I suppose we'll be getting the "condensed" lecture as a result! Should turn out to be the rowdiest audience since the Ann Coulter "In search of Young Republicans" rant & revue!

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KU basketball a powerful economic influence

Yo, BIG 12 teams, where did y'all run off to?? At least Colorado is still dancing, although the ballroom is the size of the Bottleneck downtown. Left alone to defend the honor of Big 12 basketball, huh?? Breathe deep the PHOG!

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Big 12, Fox working on long-term TV deal

Oh Joy..Snuggie, Turbo Snake & Perfect Brownie Pan commercials saturating the broadcasts!

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Kansas legislator suggests using hunters in helicopters to control illegal immigration, likens immigrants to feral hogs

Ron White boiled it down to 4 words:::You can't FIX Stupid!

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Statehouse Live: Brownback cuts $50 million from public schools

Unwilling to bear responsibility for real budgetary solutions, Gov. Brownback (still fresh from swearing in with his next campaign waaaaayyyy down the road) has been given the ball with not much shot clock left. One swish, and the $$$$$$$$$$$ are being yanked from anywhere & everywhere (one exception--Office of Repealer). NO specifics articulated?? Is this such a mystery, or will we receive details over the weekend when the news cycle nets less attention? The legislature (with few exceptions) remains a band of spineless morals vigilantes sucking the state treasury dry for one more session!

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Governor Sam Brownback asks Kathleen Sebelius for Kansas Medicaid waiver

This is the office of Health & Human Services helpline...Estimated wait time due to anticipated heavy volume is 20 months! Press ONE for Medicaid Waiver Requests..Press TWO for withdrawal procedure applications from government health care reform..Press THREE for Snowballs imported from HELL..Press FOUR for all other inquiries..Your call is very important to us..Please stay on the line and we will respond to your pathetic, hat in hand, whiney administrator wanting to divert government $$$$$ from intended uses to those more in line with red state government tax breaks for the well-heeled, Guardians of the Christian Values debate (which evaporate once the baby is out of the womb), buttoned-up-billowing bilge of bombastic proportioned political rhetoric,--------sometime AFTER the November elections in 2012!!!
Or just log on to our website'

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Carolyn Davis for the win: Jayhawks upend Cyclones

Carolyn, you're the best..Coach Bonnie, please pace these women when the lead expands..The starters had NO energy in the last 5 minutes of regulation, nor the overtime period as well. Kristen Boogaard must be wondering what could have been while she warms the bench. Agreed, Carolyn gives us our best chance to win, but not when she's flat exhausted!

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City continues street plowing overnight; Wind chill advisory replaces blizzard warning

A normal winter's day in North Dakota..

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