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Statehouse Live: Repealer hitting the road to gain public input on what laws need to be repealed

Sealin' the deal on repeal apparently takes a bureaucract behind the wheel! Getting a feel for the repeal will no doubt require allowances for meals. Gov. Sam's last wish before Mr. Taylor's tires squealed, went simply "Repeal with ZEAL-Keep it Real--No Need to Kneel" As with the marriage audit, if the results don't show the right stats, then it'll be 2 weeks in Ness City, Oberlin, Kanorado, Elkhart & Caney!!!!

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What is your earliest memory?

Having just learned how to walk, I was tooling around the front yard taking a couple of steps, then falling down..This particular day, my grandmother was visiting and as she watched me tumbling to the ground several times, she was laughing really loud at my expense. THAT'S what made this day memory-worthy..

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Governor to announce new regents Friday

Given that it's a Friday in the Brownbackazoic Era, I'm surprised that the other 6 members weren't laid off..Of which state agency will the bell of unemployment toll by THIS week's end?

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Kansas Senate President getting new chief of staff

From the senate throne to the lobbyist's padded leather chair..Wiil the Circle be UNBROKEN??

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Bring back Norm Macdonald

Sportsshow was canceled---and Workaholics is STILL filling space on Comedy Central?? If ANY segment of life needs barbs & jabs at its self-righteous backside--it's professional sports! NFL, PGA, LPGA, MLB, NHL, NBA, WNBA need someone to hold their lofty stature to the fire now & then. T'was only 30 minutes a week...Was that meager slot of time really in need of ANOTHER useless adolescent animated series. Take a look back at the early days of the Colbert Report then tell me that Norm's efforts weren't worthy of further commitment. Short-sighted, focus group evaluation number crunchers..A few of THEM should've been shown the door!

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Brownback administration lays off 85 Kansas Dept. of Labor employees

If it's past 5PM on Friday, then it's Pink slips for Kansans!!! Labor kicking labor out the door! Clearly the kind of middle class employees that we can't tolerate in Topeka, Wichita or anywhere else ..The word SHAME doesn't even come close to decribing this debacle..

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Senate committee delays vote on Six; Roberts, Moran oppose Lawrence attorney's nomination to court

To the honorable Steve Six, the snub you've just been handed--well, just consider it a badge of honor to endure the rebuke from this edition of Republican Party politics. I detect the stench of Sen. Jeff Sessions hand in the midst of this back & forth before the 2012 election posturing begins. Gen. Eisenhower cannot be pleased with the senate's behavior in regards to a fellow Kansan whose nomination approval would NOT bring on judicial Armageddon.

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Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder to speak at Chamber of Commerce event June 10

My guess is that the Q&A session will be pre-screened to weed out inquiries regarding Medicare, Social Security (only those seeking answers that will lower taxes on businesses considered for a reply) and how we can further cut services to economically disadvantaged citizens. Really Kevin, could your speaking tour unearth an easier crowd? Even Rep. Paul Ryan, whose budget would place the burden of cost-cutting on the middle class, at least faced the fire of angry voters in HIS town meetings. Come on Rep. Yoder--- show some SPINE!

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Gov. Brownback issues challenge to KU Medical Center: Improve your rankings

Are you finished with that bagel Mr. Governor??

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Brownback to sign bill luring people to Kansas' rural areas

Ness City, Oberlin, Elkhart, Kanorado, Grinnell---Gird your loins--Prepare for the onslaught--Jumpstart the Welcome Wagon. (There should be some available from Quinter)

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