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State GOP adopts resolution demanding withdrawal from Common Core, science standards

This just in. State GOP crafting resolution switching all available digital technology to ANALOG and the arrest of ALL Federal agents (Marshals included) sent to sunflower state if they attempt to enforce otherwise. Doppler Radar also on chopping block to be replaced by WWII plane radar, deemed "good enough" for residents in twister prone locales..SWEET JESUS!

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Do you think we should get rid of the penny?

US coinage in general is dull & boring. Presidents adorning small change has worn out its welcome. Ms. Liberty and Native American images should return along with species of birds & fur bearing creatures on the reverse. BEST 20th century coins?? Standing Liberty/Flying Eagle quarters and Buffalo Nickels..Bring them BACK!

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Moran: GOP needs to assess election's meaning

I assume the gag order on obscure senators from rural areas has been temporarily lifted. For the last two years, the compilation of sound bites & position papers via Sen. Moran could fit into the glove box of my Honda Civic. We can start by tossing Mitch McConnell overboard and handing the minority leadership of the senate to Marco Rubio. On the House side, in the words of Dave Letterman, I wouldn't give Speaker Boehner's pile of troubles to a monkey on a ROCK!

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Kansas House chamber set to host Christian workshop

Brother Love's Travelin' Salvation Show in the statehouse? What, there's a shortage of TENTS?

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GOP seeks to make state model for nation

Kinda early for chest-thumping don't ya think?

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Hawker Beechcraft defends bonus plan for top execs

Listen closely ... THAT's the sound of Sen. Moran & Roberts expressing concern for those workers. You're right, I can't hear it either!

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Hawker Beechcraft defends bonus plan for top execs

What's the matter with KANSAS? High fives in the boardroom..Middle fingers to the associates in the plant. Tax cuts are here though , yeah THOSE jobs will be back ..

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Brownback plans vacation to celebrate anniversary

Sam's headed to London whereupon he will given priority seating provided by the Romney clan in witness Ann's entry in the equestrian events. Coming up short of a medal, MITT will offer the VP slot to the governor and arrive back in the states with a Brownie instead ..

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Lawrence placed entirely in 2nd District under congressional map drawn by federal judges

Kansas 1....Rightwads 0
See you in 2022

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Brownback declares "A Week of Reconciliation," urges Kansans to settle their differences

Channeling the MAHATMA?? ELVES, ELVES----Fashion a TOGA & SANDALS for the EARL of TOPEKA, Wrap it and place it in MY BAG, whereby I will shimmy down the Governors' mansion & toss it onto his pile of offerings from the Koch family.. (Overheard somewhere atop the North Pole)

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