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Ex-Baldwin coach Venable dies

FYI to above poster Number 1 Grandma- In the first paragraph, it states he had cancer. From reading the artice and seeing the years he was a coach, he was an older gentleman.
Anyway, RIP to Coach Venable.

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LHS students accused of trespassing in senior prank

Please share the pranks your classmates pulled during your high school years. I recall real estate "For Sale" signs in the front of the school and people driving motorcycles and cars into the building.

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Gov. Brownback's plan to post teachers’ rankings causes outcry; GOP senator describes plan as 'toxic'

Just when I thought Brownback couldn't do anything more crazy .....

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Baldwin High football a team of power

The Baldwin football team is having a great season and I am glad to see some coverage in the paper. But wondering why there wasn't any article last weekend when both the Baldwin boys and girls won 4A State Cross Country ??

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Fambrough: KU football needs love

This tells me all I need to now about Lew Perkins and his lack of character. Glad he is gone.

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Big 12 Conference lives on

Arkansas will not join the Big 12 as long as Texas is a member. They left the Southwestern conference years ago to get away from Texas.

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Kivistos fall behind on donations pledged to Kansas Athletics

Another thought- let's say I tell KU I am leaving them $$ in my will and they get all excited. Then I change my will but don't tell them or my creditors get all my money after all. I haven't done anything illegal.

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Kivistos fall behind on donations pledged to Kansas Athletics

I would imagine a pledge is like your tithe/pledge to your church. You state each year that you are giving X amount. But there aren't any rules that say you have to pay up if you have a financial crisis...

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Southwest ninth-grader opens the door for all freshmen to join high school sports teams

Ninth graders were allowed to participate at the high school level 30 years ago in Lawrence when I was there- if the junior high did not have their sport or if the junior high season was over. So why is this news?

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KU guard Taylor says, at times, he's unsure of his role

Taylor is a good player but not a great player..maybe has listened to his own hype too much.

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