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Federal budget cut coming Friday could cost KU millions in research funding

Good Morning Everyone. We all need to take a moment and Thank God for what we have.

Our government is so greedy that we are facing at least 81 million in budget cuts to our defense and other programs. Our schools will be highly affected, not to mention the workers in our country that support our military.

If our house and senate representatives would take a budget cut to their wallets, maybe they would agree to support their country in more thoughtful ways.

Its really sad to see our country be falling.

I know, if we all prayed and actually listened to our heavenly father, there would be valid results to this issue, Prayer is a wonderful solution.

God has something good in store for those of us in the USA. Stand proud and don't let the government decisions bring us down.

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Town Talk: Deal to build 1,000-bedroom apartment complex at Gaslight Village Mobile Home Park falls through; speculation grows Menards looking at site for retail development

I would like to see AFFORDABLE housing put in there. There are soooo many apartments, but nothing truly affordable in Lawrence. There are a lot designed for college living, how about familes.

The city should get more involved with the apartment planning and condemning. They would realize what Lawrence REALLY needs to help families.

Maybe other landlords should take note and listen to their current tenants,. Don't make them think its best to leave things unsaid. It eventually costs the OWNER big time.

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City likely to consider expansion of rental registration, apartment inspection program

I was one of those tenants that assisted with getting the city involved in the 24-unit apartment inspection that is now shut down. Nobody deserves to live like like that. They also shouldnt have to believe that "sometimes its best to leave things unsaid " in fear of losing their current living situation.

I know it was affordable and Rex is very leniant and helps family. I never said he was a bad man, however people know what the problems are in their building. It is cheaper to get rid of people that speak up than it is to fix, but at what cost. Does someone have to die? I know a friend that fell down those concrete steps in the back because of no lighting in the parking lot. He died from those injuries. It took me catching the Westar employee out back of the unit to take the pole number and turn it in. That parking lot now has lights.

Again, only because Glen died (RIP) did this issue get resolved. It would have only taken a phone call.

I electricuted myself in March in that building. Thank God I lived. It could have been one of my children.

I'm for tougher inspections for all the apartments that are in Lawrence. Yes it may be a pain to everyone, but the life we save might just be our own or someone we really love.

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City condemns 24-unit apartment building on West 26th Street, issues eviction notices

Obviously he had plenty of time to fix things. Its not all Rex's fault. Mark and Kelly didn't help with constantly calling police and harassing former tenants.

One shouldn't have to go too the extent of a restraining order for harassment for it to stop.

I hope Rex either bring it up to code with city contractors instead of his "maintenance " that get free rent instead. OR sale it to someone who will take the time and fix it.

Nobody deserves to live with mold and poop.

Doesn't matter what walk of life -society.

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City condemns 24-unit apartment building on West 26th Street, issues eviction notices

It takes the tenants to stand up for themselves. I can't say slum lord, he is far from lord.

I feel for all tenants of his. Gazebo is just as bad. People move to the 2nd floor, to avoid soaked carpets.

As far as he basically gets deposit and first 2months rent, then issue eviction? Hmmmmm, fix stuff, people would pay rent.

Don't know about huggies. People are dumb and flushed pads and tampons.

Still no good reasons not to fix the stuff correctly.

This building needs TLC. Someone that cares about the building. How many houses in Lawrence have been beautified by people who care?

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City condemns 24-unit apartment building on West 26th Street, issues eviction notices

If I'm not mistaken Rex and his wife own the property. Or manage it

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City condemns 24-unit apartment building on West 26th Street, issues eviction notices

The down fall to this specific building, a majority of the tenants are on a month to month lease. Several were given a non-renewal of lease notice as of October 31. The utilities were shut off as of this past Monday for those tenants. The only way was to put them in their own names. Obviously some are not able to do this.

My beat friend and her 9 year old son have no heat or lights. Thank God they gave friends and family for overnight.

I don't know how legal that was.

I wish the best to all the other tenants

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City condemns 24-unit apartment building on West 26th Street, issues eviction notices

I understand it takes money to fix property, and he was already losing money on this property. BUT WHY allow people to live like this?

Take some money each month fix the problems ASAP. quit waiting on the building to fall down.

I know that the LPD and the city will be relieved that the building is condemned. It was a health hazard for everyone.

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City condemns 24-unit apartment building on West 26th Street, issues eviction notices

I am TRULY excited to see this building condemned. That my effort is noticed by the city. NOBODY deserves to live in these condition.

As far the roof, I knew people who live there in 2007. 3rd floor ceiling was bulging then.

I lived on the 2nd floor from Oct 2011 - May 2012. It rained into my daughters room February 3rd. The manager brought me a bottle of febreeze and a wet vacuum, so I could clean it up. I electricuted myself in March.

Yes its affordable 610 (utilities included) but at whose expense. I'm so glad that I got the city involved.

In 38 years of life, I have never seen cat litter grow mold within 3 hours. You wouldn't believe the growth of mold and sewage in the basement until you see the pictures.

I'm sorry that so many have to relocate, however, I hope they live a longer life.

Thank you City of Lawrence. Sorry it took so long. Rex thought I hated him. I don't hate him, I don't like the way he maintains this property.

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Young children suspected of theft

Too all you readers -

Perhaps you should get the Parents intake regarding the children & this case. I will admit my children were involved in this specific case, and I gurantee that they will never try something like this again.

Sorry to disappoint the reader that thinks a mother like me would only give a simple 5 minute timeout. They are in DEEP with me & now are not even allowed outside without a responsible adult with them.

This was their first time & if I have anything to do on influencing their future choices, it will be their last criminal activity they are ever in.

They were not aware of $$$ value when they were doing this unbelievable act. And when I saw the belongings in my house, I got to the bottom of it & made the kids personally take the belongings back to the owners.

We were not aware of the police being called until after we were already at the door delivering the items.

Kids make stupid mistakes & as long as us "Parents" teach them when they are wrong.,...they should learn.

We were all kids at one time, and shouldn't be so judgemental. I admit I never did anything like this, but if I had, I gurantee that I would have got my butt whipped like there was no tomorrow.

The problem these days with our children & juvenile delinquency - is that we can't discipline our children like our grandparents were raised.

I hope to God that my kids learn from this. All we can do is wait & see what becomes of their stupidity. Crime doesn't pay - they will do their time as the D.A may see fit.

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