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Budget provision would block state funding for Common Core standards

How medieval are things going to have to get before Kansans wake up and quit tolerating wasting our taxpayer's investments in so much nonsense when there are serious and critical problems to be solved. Unbelievable.

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Revenue secretary says tax cuts are working

Talk about grasping for straws - we've got the kids on tricycles running a state economy.

Let's look at the actual numbers: They conflated revenue from tax cuts with the new sales tax, actually proving that raising taxes is what's necessary (though of course the highly regressive sales tax hurts the majority of Kansans while having little effect on the elite minority) - but even if you look at the revenue gained, they are actually out there touting an increase of only $1.35 million over this month last year in the face of a staggering and reckless annual revenue reduction of $450 million.

There is simply no way the modest increases from regressive taxes on Kansans who actually work for their wages is going to offset that catastrophic shortfall in order to nab money from most Kansans and route it to the relative handful of the ultra-wealthy.

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Editorial: Budget blunders

We truly have children minding the store. I can't fathom who elected the radicals that allowed this power shift or what they possibly could have been thinking (or not thinking).

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City set to finalize curbside recycling program to begin October 2014; monthly rate $2.81

I had the same concern. I don't like the idea of legalizing monopolies. For now, the program would generally help the local economy in off-setting ways but once that monopoly is encoded into law or ordinance, it's so easy for it to be sold off to a Deffenbaugh or even something more remotely where the lion's share of the cash flows out of our local economy.

I also don't like the fact that this approach effectively punishes those individuals and small businesses that have been managing their own recycling for years now. It's still cheaper and more convenient for me to have my few small recycling tubs on shelves in my garage that don't take up much space and make a monthly or bi-monthly run to a local recycling business when it's convenient for me rather than to find more non-existent space in my own garage for another city container that can only be used exactly how the city says it can be used, has to be out on certain days, can get fined if it ever accidentally gets deployed with non-approved content in it, and somehow I don't have the option to opt-out even though I've been recycling for years.

I see this as turning into yet another line item on the monthly bill that now has the ability to just keep escalating year after year even though wages are stagnant or dropping.

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Mirth Cafe closing Monday, moving to new location downtown

It makes me wonder if there some issue other than just safety. How is it possible this was never an issue in all the years the Mirth has been operating and the city never bothered them when the Teller's owner owned Mirth. I've been eating at that location since it was the Harvest (many iterations ago) and have never gotten sick and never heard of a major incident there.

Now, out of the blue, the situation is so dire they must cease operations almost immediately? Or is there more to the story than that.

Am hopeful the move works out for them but will miss the ambiance of the older structure compared to something as bland and blah as the old Pepperjacks location. Have been eating at restaurants in that wonderful space forever.

I wonder if another more established business interest than the current owner leaned on someone to nudge Mirth out because they want the space?

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Developer, proposed Rock Chalk Park partner Thomas Fritzel involved in company that owes $3.4M in back taxes, fees

The screw job on Leavenworth aside, I think the failure to share its burden of the tax load should immediately disqualify Fritzel from even participating in the bidding process, much less being bonded in by KU Endowment, who is apparently already digging their heels in rather than do the right thing and kick Fritzel to the curb.

That 3.4 million dollar cut to area revenue represents a tangible deprivation to the citizens of local services and jobs and increases the proportional tax burden on all of us normal working citizens and small businesses trying to get by in a tough economy. Why would any local entity right now reward such locally damaging behavior by awarding any further contracts much less the additional monies in developer welfare that inevitably get requested and granted. I'm amazed Leavenworth had the balls to stand up and say "No" to the now-standard practice of suckling at the public teat by these speculators who can't seem to compete on a level playing field.

Pay your damn taxes and then you can play in the market again. Shame on KU Endowment for having no spine.

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Longtime employee Linda Lassen 1 of 2 laid off at Penn House on Friday

I look forward to your comments urging the city to end the steady stream of investor and corporate welfare when children go to bed hungry and without dental care in our city and county. Welfare is welfare and it's worse when it goes to those who don't need it to survive.

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Longtime employee Linda Lassen 1 of 2 laid off at Penn House on Friday

I know! Let's cede a bunch of money to rich investors to build a hotel or a rec center without stepping in to fill even the slightest fractional amount that could make a break an underpaid community service employee or two in our local safety net.

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New breakfast spot, The Roost, slated to open in former Milton's location

We need a place downtown where you can walk in and order a piece of pie and have coffee with it. Real pie, as in made on the premises or baked locally and brought in. When Perkins is the only guaranteed place to get a piece of "pie", especially in city like Lawrence that actually still has a small town downtown sector, another chunk of America is dead and gone.

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Town Talk: Milton's restaurant set to close later this month; Convention and Visitors Bureau hires new director; opportunities for chocolate today and Sunday

Paradise was the best, Milton's was solid but not as good, and Mirth is for a certain niche but great. Hate to see it spoiled by a bunch of Milton's transplants (only half-joking).

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