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Mock funeral crowd mourns ‘death’ of Kansas

The first sentence of that last paragraph should have read:

"The founding fathers would be severely dismayed to see their attempt at preventing an aristocracy in the New World like they escaped from in the Old World so effectively dismantled and the mechanisms to prevent realization of it so firmly entrenched at this relatively young age for as new a nation as America."

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Mock funeral crowd mourns ‘death’ of Kansas

I'm sure that's the tone you would take if you lived in the slavery era, too. Since when is having to take responsibility to pay for the services you receive through a sector (public) that is notoriously underpaid compared to its counterparts during boom times and then nonetheless further gutted and attacked during bad economic times caused by key players in the private sector in the first place something that is beneath you? And worthy of your contempt?

To complicate it, thanks to the rise of corporate power over politics and Tom Delay's K Street project in the late 1990's the lines between government and the private sector are so blurred in many areas now, and the rate of corporate welfare (taxpayer monies channeled to corporations via bought and sold politicians) that you can't really paint in the kind of broad brushstrokes you seem to resort to in order attack and bash others for their fact-based views.

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Mock funeral crowd mourns ‘death’ of Kansas

I'm amazed at the degree of misunderstanding about our tax code. Those that say they want a flat tax code really don't want it if it were truly flat across the tax picture. I personally would love a flat tax code but it is impossible to implement: Can you imagine the howls of outrage if your annual income was tracked and available to every small business, gas station, grocery store, online retailer, corporate chain, etc. in the nation so they could calculate a flat percentage of your income on every purchase at the register or the pump or online?

This is why most of our taxes are regressive (hurt the poor severely, painful to working class, zero effect on the rich) and are therefore only able to be balanced by making our income taxes progressive, to address the imbalance. But since that graduated structure has been gutted, the scales are now tilted dramatically in favor of the wealthiest Americans. The reality is that income tax structure is simple and logical but what needs reforming are all the crazy loopholes and shelters, not the progressive structure itself, which needs restoration ASAP to stop the theft of hard-earned money by the elites from those that actually must do real work for a living.

The effect in Kansas is even more pronounced with the recent moves to gut government while shifting the tax burden away from the wealthy to the working class and poor (more regressive taxes, less progressive taxes).

If we as a nation and as a state moved to zero out the progressive scale of income tax even more than has already been done, it can be seen as nothing else than all out class warfare on the working class and in particular the working poor and those mired in generational poverty.

The founding fathers would be severely dismayed to see their attempt at preventing an aristocracy in the New World like they escaped from in the Old World so firmly entrenched at this relatively young age for as new a nation as America. To rub salt in the wound, those that attack any attempt to halt the slide towards aristocracy are assaulted in the name of the founding fathers themselves and the with the ironic misappropriation of "Tea Party" as backing to advance corporate interests, knowingly or unknowingly (the Boston Tea Party event represented an open revolt against the largest corporation in the history of the world at that time!), by those who wrap themselves in the very flag whose principles she symbolizes are the very principles attempting to be preserved by those with the courage to stand up to the hyper-accelerating corrosion and perversion of the original founding vision.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: The hidden survivors of Quantrill's Raid

Great stuff, love it. Look forward to the Sesquicentennial of the Raid this August.

i did know Quantrill was a teacher in Lawrence prior to the raid and he therefore would have know the families and locations. Apparently he made lists. Makes him seem even more psychopathic given that prior intimacy with the town and its families and children.

The context is that people died on both sides and it was a very violent time going back several years prior to the raid to the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska act. The Civil War really start in eastern Kansas in a lot of ways.

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Editorial: Too good?

I couldn't bear to read it. This is the most egregious theft of tax payer money yet. Did they mention that the unnamed developer stiffed nearby Geary county out of millions of dollars in revenue and saddled them with massive debt that nearly broke them? For that alone he should have been disbarred from even bidding on this process, on either side. But what happened ... He misled the city and the public about the fact that we will be helping share the risk of his private investment which will get first dibs on event scheduling and parking ahead of the city and public's needs for the next literally half a century.

Then, KU Endowment dug their heels in and decided to stick with him, and the city followed suit by giving the bid for that side of the project to him. And the dollars per acre being spent is beyond all reason. Horrible business decision by the city on behalf of the taxpayers. Only Mike Amyx had the business sense and the balls to just talk openly and honestly about it and then vote for the taxpayer rather than dole out more developer welfare in these tough economic times.

When the developers come to suckle at the public teat the city forks over our money right and left (a second half-million in welfare to the Compton project downtown just last week!) but when mom and pop stores on Mass St can't afford the rent or people line up for blocks when there is a free dental clinic (hmm, what could that possibly tell us about where we need to focus our priorities?) then the desire to lend a helping hand just dries up and disappears.

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Opinion: What, exactly, was the IRS thinking?

Selective outrage ... The IRS under the Bush-Cheney regime heinously targeted taxpayers based on both ideological bases and in a punishment (those that went to Iraq to protest before the invasion). They tended to allow the 1% to get away with massive tax fraud, spiriting vast sums out of the US into tax shelters such as UBS and the Caymens while targeting lower income families.

Churches and conservative groups have long blatantly abused their tax protected status and finally the IRS looks where it should be looking and in the end takes no action - that's literally zero action - against these groups that strongly deserve much closer scrutiny and now Obama, ever the middle of the road apologist, is giving legitimacy to this bloviating outrage by even acknowledging it much less agreeing to pursue it. Listening to Orin Hatch say "well if the gubmint can do THAT well there's no END to it" when he approved and stood by during all the real abuses by the IRS in the prior administration and his party led the way in gutting so many of our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms in those years following 911.

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Faith Forum: Why does God allow events that kill innocent people, like the recent Texas fertilizer plant explosion and Boston bombings?

I don't like the second essay - it seems to say "don't blame God when bad things happen" but of course God is always thanked when good things happen. It's a contradiction.

Now, I do believe there is intrinsic value in thanking God in general for what we have, out of a sense of gratitude. But I think it's kind of silly when you look at in in context to say don't blame God for this because he's not that involved but if something good happens people go out of their way to ostentatiously thank God for having his finger on the lever and his hand upon the wheel.

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Higher education officials say concealed carry on campus probably inevitable in the future

I don't want a bunch of testosterone-laden very young adults with little life experience "defending" themselves against a perceived or even an actual threat by firing weapons into crowded classrooms, concourses, sidewalks, auditoriums thinking that it's like every cop show, movie, video game they've seen or played, which do not reflect the reality of these situations and the incredible level of training required to manage a firearm in a live conflict situation with other people around.

Between this initiative and the one to gets loaded guns into bars where people get drunk and emotional and lose the ability to make rational decisions, any kind of common sense is being thrown out the window.

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Planning Commission to debate Menards project Monday amid signs momentum may be turning

they've always gutted H2020 whenever necessary - I'm not sure why we even have a controlled growth plan ...

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Day after city's bid opening for recreation center, relief and a few questions

Why wasn't that bidder barred from the process? He effectively stole millions of dollars from Geary county by welching on this tax obligations and that was on top of saddling them with colossal debt.

He also has a contract for this rec center in Lawrence that was covered up initially containing all sorts of fine print that reveals that in essence Lawrence taxpayers will be footing an investment in a private profit-making enterprise by this bidder that on many fronts trumps the city needs in favor of his pet enterprise. The city helps fund it but doesn't have a say in how it works or in the profits.

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