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Color Run bursts through downtown Lawrence

Dan gives an interesting talk, although I still don't see the argument for asking volunteers to provide free labor to a for-profit company.

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Color Run

I've always wondered why they ask for volunteers to help with the event, it would seem that they should make more than enough money to pay people.

Of course, you can always run in the event without registering or paying. Its not like they have any way of verifying if every runner has paid. They call that "running bandit" and its usually considered bad etiquette among runners, but I would say asking for free labor for an event bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit is pretty bad etiquette as well.

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Lawrence police patrolling for seat belt violations Tuesday

If the passenger is not wearing a seat belt, does the citation go to that passenger, or the driver?

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Fact check: Stumbles in latest presidential debate

When we start checking the fact checkers then who will be checking the fact checker checkers?

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Sound Off: On K-10, there is a work zone area and there is a reduced speed limit. However, there are

Or how about stop signs in grocery store parking lots.

Oh, wait, that one has been answered, I don't have to stop at those stop signs.

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What was your favorite toy as a child?

A cardboard box.

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Need a fireworks fix? Area regulations differ on where they're legal

Are smoke bombs and sparklers still legal in Lawrence?

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Sound Off: I know of several people who ended up with a fiberglass rash from the outdoor pool Memori

So I'm guessing the answer to the question is "No"?

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