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Lawrence, Douglas County emergency dispatch operation needs $7 million in upgrades

Actually that TV belongs to Emergency Management, which is not part of the dispatch center.

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Douglas County to fight landowners' lawsuit over shooting range approval

I'm sure some do but don't make the assumption that they drink while they shoot.

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Douglas County to fight landowners' lawsuit over shooting range approval

Then why are some cops only members of LPOA (union representation and bargaining rights) and not FOP (social organization)?

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FOP Range and "Adjacent" Property Owners

What people seem to forget is that the FOP is used for multiple reasons and the range area is not located on the entire property. Seperate functions happen in different areas of the property. Any person that knows how to handle a weapon knows that you don't drink and shoot. That is also one of the policies posted in the range area. Again, to restate what others have already said, there is a natural backdrop behind each target area. People might know this if they bothered to go out there and actually see how the property is used.

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Douglas County to fight landowners' lawsuit over shooting range approval

Perhaps you should have read the entire post before you agreed with it since that's what someone with common sense would do.

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Douglas County to fight landowners' lawsuit over shooting range approval

And you know this how? (provide a source for this if you're going to state it) Personally I would prefer having LEO armed to defend before something tragic happens instead of after. There's no point in bringing a tazer to a gang shootout. The city will just have to train more LEO when that happens, costing more taxpayer money.

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Douglas County to fight landowners' lawsuit over shooting range approval

Let's see . . . where to start . . . First off the FOP is technically a members only club which should extend the organization and its members the right to do what they want/need to do on their private (dues paid in full) property; just like any other privately owned piece of land in the county. This includes shooting guns or having get togethers when they feel like it. Using the range to train LEO is completely different from the general FOP membership. The LEO agencies pay to rent the space so they can train out there. If stipulations are to be placed on when and what times they can train then so be it but remember these are the men and women that protect the cities of Lawrence, Baldwin, and Eudora as well as Douglas County in general and the entire state of Kansas. There are also classes in CCH, basic gun safety, and hunter safety taught out there. These are also paid activities that people hosting the training sessions pay to be out there for. The FOP is also rented out for family functions or general get togethers that the members wish to have out there. An FOP member has to be present at all times when these events take place and during these events not everyone is an FOP member, meaning not everyone out there is law enforcement or related to law enforement (common citizens of the community). To comment on a previous suggestion of a range master-there are several rang masters (active and retired) that are out at the FOP when LEO train.

The bottom line is that this facility is needed to train officers in and around Kansas so it is a necessity to have it. If the city and county (i.e. taxpayers) want to build a new training facility for LEO then by all means raise the money to do so but when that money isn't raised don't come crying and whining because the officers on the street aren't trained properly. You shut down their access to an already functioning training range.

It's only common sense to arm and train your LEO so they can not only protect themselves but the communities they serve in. Let them have an area to do that training and stop whining about gun noise when you can't even determine where the noise is coming from. Last time I checked there were a lot of county 'folk' that hunt in that area at all hours of the day/night. Allow the LEO to train so they can be the best at their jobs; day and night.

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Resource officer at South Middle School wins state award

Congrats Myrone! You deserve it!

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Douglas County emergency dispatchers juggle hundreds of calls every day

I don't think it was mentioned in the article but dispatchers answer 911 lines and non-emergency lines. Sometimes that isn't made clear. If you call in non-emergency and are asked to hold, there's a reason for it. Don't hang up and call back in because that just makes it more hectic. And please remember that 911 is only for life/death emergencies and not because you can't find your car or the music is too loud at the neighbor's.

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Kansas law change may allow even blind to carry concealed

Driving isn't a civil liberty or protected by any law.

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