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Man transported to hospital after falling from tree stand

"According to dispatch traffic." How about actually checking to see what's going on instead of just listening to scanner traffic. Scanner traffic is generally only part of what really happened. Be a reporter instead of just someone who regurgitates information.

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Oread dangers

And who do you think answers the 911 lines? Those same dispatchers!

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Police respond to gunshots at former chief’s house

Maybe he wants to keep his private life and private medical condition just that, private. Sounds like you aren't willing to share your information with the general public so why should he. If it were any other citizen this article wouldn't have gotten as much (uninformed) press.

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Police respond to gunshots at former chief’s house

So if it were you would you be so willing to disclose your medical information to the entire public? That's exactly what you're asking Olin (a citizen of the community) to do.

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Attempted home invasion thwarted

Generally burglars don't 'bang' on the doors/windows they plan on breaking into.

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No security changes at Lawrence theater after Colorado massacre

There was more security at the theater today. Even on a weekend I've never seen any security inside each movie theater as well as outside in the main lobby.

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Another home burglary reported early Thursday in Lawrence; police again warn residents to lock doors, windows

You are overlooking the poverty level and the fact that is has been declining rapidly. Burglaries and other crimes are more prevalent when people are desperate; such as now.

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Marriage threats

If this poster is indeed being honest then these three 'options to preserve heterosexual marriage' would be in wonderful alignment with the Catholic church. Just throw in lack of birth control and we can elect a Pope of the United States. If it is indeed sarcasm the letter wasn't written very well to portray that.

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State senator says she caught Rep. TerriLois Gregory recording conversation

Last time I checked it wasn't illegal to record conversations as long as one of the people being recorded is aware of it.

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Town Talk: This and that about Old Navy, Sears; restaurant site being converted to insurance offices; a $7 million question for the city and the county; potbellied pigs in waiting

Since it's a national guidline for all agencies to go digital there shouldn't be any difficulty with agencies speaking with one another. It actually makes it easier since everyone is on the same system. And it makes it more secure for LEO to discuss what they need to without the audience.

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