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Sound Off: Motorcycle mufflers

I am still waiting to see this "Motorcycles Not Allowed" ban list thingamajig. What a load of blow. I ride. A mid-size Harley with stock pipes, reasonable decibel level. He's not quiet, but he's not nearly as loud and throaty as some Harleys. Just love all the folks who are taking this as an opportunity to rag on motorcycle riders in general....priceless. Many of us just simply love Harleys; I have absolutely zero to prove to you or anybody else. I'm with Staci-the ONLY Harley apparel I will buy is either off the clearance rack (when I cave in and actually enter a dealership-hate those places) or from a swap/second hand type thing. I'm a woman. And I am PAST my midlife crisis. I'm educated. And there's still nothing in this entire world that compares to the feeling of rolling down some two-lane highway on my bike, following my beloved hubby on HIS Harley. If we wear the "black leather" it's for protection from cold, wet, etc. And that'd be the only reason. Why am I wasting my time, as the t-shirt says-"if I have to explain, you wouldn't undestand".

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Sound Off: Motorcycle mufflers

Optimist nailed it.

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

Two words-drug testing. I wish I were kidding. I meant to say-what else could possibly be causing this sluggish, lackadaisical play?? :(

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Do you have any tips to avoid getting sick?

I'm finding all this comment removal preposterous, as I sit here at home from work with some sort of bug. But far be it from me to whine!! Carry on, lol-all I wanna know is wtf is up with the residents here??? They're harmless!

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20-year-old man in jail on kidnapping, robbery charges

Could have already been in custody in Jackson Co. Mo. on a different matter, Dg. Co. was notified, then went&picked him up.

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Woman suffers non-life threatening injuries in motorcycle crash

I don't think oil spots, anti freeze puddles, or any other possible road debris have a darn thing to do with it when a person "brakes suddenly to turn" and then "loses control" of their motorcycle.
Sounds like an inexperienced rider, to me...lot of young gals (guys too) want to hop on the scoot&ride like they've got years of experience&many miles under their belt already. It ain't that easy.
justfornow-you cracked me up! Sign me-an ol' Harley riding broad. :)

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If you couldn’t get a Twinkie, what would you reach for?

I agree with the beer guy. :)

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Do you think it is important for children to learn cursive handwriting in schools? Why?

Exactly; there are simply not enough Daryls to go around.

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Professionals tout benefits of AA program at meeting

Arti, with all due respect, there has been information and efforts for many years, within 12 step programs, for "Bridging the Gap" (approved AA literature). I don't believe that approved and sanctioned literature and its subsequent "action" violates tradition at all. My perception from this article was not that professionals who work with addicted individuals are spying-but rather are grasping for measures to utilize for those who keep having problems that likely have a foundation in substance abuse. What I gleaned from the article was that an informational meeting was arranged, with panels of different professions, and that the presentation was geared toward educating professionals on "how it works". The black robes as well as others NEED to know more about 12 step programs and how they work! I sincerely doubt that any of the anons who attended this panel had a gun to their head to go. Their anonymity in cases such as this is their call. I grant you, I don't know anything of the community corrections officers of whom you speak; care to expand on that? And please-never forget "Rule 62".

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Severe weather could be coming this weekend

So before you go out, better think twice! (oh lordie I couldn't help myself, hahaha)
Good to see Gootsie! :)

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