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Lawhorn's Lawrence: 105 years of good memories

Happy birthday on Monday, Fay. And Chad Lawhorn thank you for this article!

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Would you like to see the new Lawrence Public Library building include a coffee shop in the lobby?

The Topeka library has a very nice coffee shop/food area. Just putting that out there. :)

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Forty years, three murders and no answers in Franklin County cold case

Tried to reply to the email I received, and my stupid email service wouldn't let me. I am pretty sure that *is* Kingman Road in the picture of the Deputy&Sheriff; I just can't recall any roads in Ottawa or Franklin County going by numerical names! Rock Creek Road would be a mile south of Kingman.

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Forty years, three murders and no answers in Franklin County cold case

I remember when this happened, I was 13 at the time&an Ottawa native. That road was one of many "make-out" roads-until those murders. Really took me back, reading this article.

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Sound Off: Reporting texters

Citizen's ARREST, citizen's ARREST!!!

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What is important to you in a church service?

Whole grain communion wafers&good quality sacramental wine.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: When snow shoveling actually makes you feel good

A great Sunday morning read, thanks Chad! :)

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Drug testing for welfare benefits one of many bills worked on as Legislature nears deadline

Some-certainly not all, but some-of the EA workers who will be passing the judgment on just *who* needs a drug test at any given time are very disturbing individuals. This is going to be a mess; I can understand to a point, but I also have witnessed some pretty prejudiced and hateful attitudes from EA workers toward recipients.
Also disturbing is this; if a recipient is found to be "dirty" for drugs, who exactly will provide treatment?? And moreover, who is going to PAY for said treatment?? What is the protocol going to be? Anyone know? I foresee a goldmine out there for treatment providers.
One last thought-not everyone who receives benefits is unemployed! I wish those who are railing against welfare recipients would stop and consider that there are indeed some families who are eligible for assistance, yet work in very low-paying jobs and just aren't making ends meet.
I lied-one more thought-the amount of money dumped in to farm subsidies and such is appalling; shall we start drug testing farmers, too? You know, just to make sure that CRP money isn't falling in to the wrong hands.

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KBI arrests Franklin County sheriff and deputy on obstruction of justice charges

ATR920-there are some very very gullible voters in FrCo. The "winning smile" and lines of bull shirt garnered the votes...not to mention the idea of *gasp* CHANGE??? There was another candidate who has by far more integrity AND experience, just don't understand why the voters were buffaloed by this phoney baloney and did not elect a known, very good man to the post.

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