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Bernie Sanders strolls through downtown Lawrence, gets haircut before fairgrounds rally

The game isn't until 8pm, so hopefully caucus won't interfere!

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Sheriff: Gunman who killed three at Hesston factory had been served protection order

I know of no one that wants to take guns away from those that show they are responsible. Why are you so against having to take a safety course (similar to hunter safety courses) and issuing a license (similar to a drivers license). If we took this sort of approach, with that license, you could buy a weapon without a 3 day wait, because issuing the license would mean you have already been checked for criminal history, mental illness, etc. To me it sounds like a win-win situation. Less accidental shootings and more likelihood of being able to use a gun successfully to protect yourself. What is so awful about that?

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Sheriff: Gunman who killed three at Hesston factory had been served protection order

sorry I am annoying...I didn't say anything about gun control. Just the lack of it. I agree there needs to be a happy medium but the right has gone so far right that they are not willing to compromise. Our country is going downhill so fast it is frightening. Another part of the issue is the media and how much they cover these. I would love for the media to never mention the name of the shooter or show their picture. No notoriety at all for them. It might keep some from doing something so drastic. As we all know, some of these people are mentally ill and are just wanting to get their name out there, even if they aren't around to see it. By the way, I didn't have any issues with your reply to my first comment, but sadly, this one sounded like more of a personal attack--part of the problem. Apparently you didn't realize that my first comment was in fact, a reply to a specific comment someone else had made.

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Sheriff: Gunman who killed three at Hesston factory had been served protection order

Alex, I was responding to the article about the man in Michigan who saved a woman from being stabbed to death by her daughter. (that Joshua Cain posted). I really don't have a problem with people owning guns. I grew up with both parents and brothers that hunted, I've been in the Marine Corps, I love skeet shooting and have fired many weapons. I personally, my choice, drew the line at owning a hand gun. We had one on order when I was pregnant with my first one and I backed out. I knew at the time there were a lot of ways to secure a handgun. I also knew that sometimes people think they can do it "later" or mean to unload, lock, put away, and don't get it done and then tragedy strikes. My real reason for the comment was that Joshua was criticizing the police for not being there when it happened and praising that someone with a gun was there. I suspect someone without a gun could also have saved this woman, and I'm really glad she was saved. Read what Joshua wrote, read the article he posted and then re-read my post. It might make more sense taken in that context. I'm really glad to hear you do take your weapon safety seriously. I have acquaintances that keep loaded hand guns in their purses with small children around and it scares me. There are too many like that.

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Sheriff: Gunman who killed three at Hesston factory had been served protection order

Why the left? The left don't have nightmares, that's why we don't believe we need guns to protect ourselves. It's the conservatives that are having all the nightmares, which is why they own guns.

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Sheriff: Gunman who killed three at Hesston factory had been served protection order

I'm glad this man was able to save someone's life; I'm really glad he didn't have to kill the attacker, who knows, if he had actually had to fire his weapon, he could have hit the victim instead. Happily, we will never know. But pointing to this 1 instance amongst all of the mass shootings we are having is like 1 grain of sand in the desert. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Are we having more shootings because guns are so easy to get (OBTW he had a criminal past so I'll be interested to find out how he purchased/obtained his weapon) or are guns so easy to get because of all the shootings? Let's look at kids and family members who have been killed when a child got their hands on a gun and didn't have a clue it was real or loaded. Let's look at the 2 recent cases where a person shot who they thought was an intruder and in each case they killed their own child. One was in Florida and one was in Michigan. There are many more of these kind of shootings than there are of someone saving someone else's life with a gun. My prayers and sympathies to all the families and friends involved. Horrible tragedy.

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Lawrence declares Oread Inn in default of redevelopment agreement; developer says city is in default

Remains to be seen if Mr. Fritzel is indeed trying to get over or if someone on the commission just doesn't like him and is throwing anything at him to see if it will stick. It sure seems like there are a lot of issues with things he has a hand in, but I am willing to wait and see how things fall before I made judgement.

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Lawrence man meets daughter for the first time on German TV show

Great story! I wish we could have seen the episode over here.

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The ins and outs of a proposed increase in parking fines for downtown Lawrence

I'm guessing they have to ticket right up until the time allowed. More than likely they had no idea when you got there and if your time had run out long ago or not. However, I really do have a problem with Mr. Herbert trying to get canned food for his favorite charity. I think that other local charities will be extremely upset about them not being chosen. If you want to raise the fine, then raise the fine. But raising it by $2 is 66% increase and that's a lot if you are going by percentages. I agree that as it gets higher it may discourage people from shopping downtown and if the downtown starts slowing down it will affect all of us.

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Lawmakers question legality of KU, Brownback administration real estate deals

I'm happy to hear they found funding in Wisconsin, another state with a Governor the likes of Brownback who is doing everything he can to drag their flagship University down. Maybe one day Kansas can repay that or pay it forward to another state university.

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