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Letter: ‘An accident’

isn't that called inattentive driving?

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Lawrence couple killed in RV crash in southwestern Illinois

I'm so sorry for your family's loss.

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Rural neighbors, tree farm clash over noise, traffic

wondering if they can access the tree farm from a different road so the traffic isn't going on this road. Of course, that could upset someone else, unless another part of the property isn't as close to neighbors. I understand being upset by all the tractor trailers, you don't expect to see those on county roads, especially dirt roads. I wonder why that part of the business didn't come up when it was purchased. That's the part that to me doesn't make it sound like agriculture.....

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Rural neighbors, tree farm clash over noise, traffic

Leslie, it is mostly in states where oil is prevelant (Colorado, TX, OK) that you only buy the surface of the property. In northern states you own everything, including water rights. That's because there isn't a lot of minerals up there to mine. I've lived in both North and southern states. I first learned of this as a teenager when my sister lived in OK and there was an oil pump on her propeprty. Folks that have lived in those states most of their lives are aware of it. I've owned 3 properties here in KS, but all in town. I'm guessing that those of us in town do own our own mineral rights. But yes, KS has oil, so I'm guessing if we were to purchase in the county we would find out it is different out there.

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Creator of KU's most famous bronze sculptures dies at 95

What an awesome and wonderful life this man lived! He shared his passion with so many others, who knows what other art was created that thousands if not millions of people are getting enjoyment from because this man inspired someone to explore their artistic nature. Rest in peace sir! Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of us.

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City pleased with new numbers on curbside recycling program

Gary, I disagree with most of what you have concluded. First off, the program was only in effect for 2.5 months of 2014. (if I remember correctly, Deffenbaugh stopped at the end of Sept; but the city didn't start until the 2nd or 3rd week of October) To expect that the landfill rate would go down with just 2.5 months of recycling is not logical. This program is going to have to be in effect for an entire year at a minimum before you can compare those statistics. Also, everyone has to pay for it, just like everyone has to pay for trash. My husband and I have been recycling for years. Sometimes we only need our trash picked up once a month, but we still pay the same price as eveyone else who fills up their trash cans every week. In fact, if most people would use the recycling, they would probably find that trash only needs to be picked up every other week and recycling needs to be picked up every week. About the only exception is Christmas. I don't believe wrapping paper can be recycled, but Kathy Richardson could confirm or deny that. Otherwise, our trash even after a month isn't full; but who wants it sitting around for that long. It's way too early in the program to say it isn't working. In fact, I think from the initial comparison, (almost the same amount picked up in 2.5 months as the previous 9 months) shows that long term numbers will show that this plan works.

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Police: Near accident between car and bicycle results in stolen phone

I suspect that if she had been apologetic about the almost mishap and accepted blame, nothing would have happened, and she would have learned a lesson about being more cautious around cyclists.

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City makes surprise payment on Rock Chalk Park infrastructure fees

they sound a lot like Brownback saying immediately after the election "no one told me" there was a budget shortfall. None of us believe that and I for one, and it appears most on here don't believe our Mayor and manager either.

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City solidifies plans for downtown ice rink; Kansas ranks well in student debt measure; and a Royal day

I had some similar thoughts Chris. My thinking is that a lot of the kids that come here are from families that can afford to pay cash for their education w/o loans, or whose parents are the ones taking on the loans. The other statistic, how many young people do we have as a percentage of our population? I think a lot of them leave the state (my own 2 children did after graduating from KU) As much as I would like to believe Kansas is up there in this category, I'm just kind of wondering what all they looked at.....

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