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Lawrence Public Library tour

love the views and all the windows.

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Take a peek inside soon-to-open expanded Lawrence Public Library

someone was thinking outside the box, I think it is a great idea to have a recording studio! I can't wait until it opens up to get back in there.

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Future site of Lawrence police headquarters down to final four

all of the sites are on the edge of the city. I personally think it should be located in a more central part of town. From this article, I don't know why they need 15 acres of land for the police department. It sounds extravagant to me. I would like to know a lot more about this.

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Lawrence attorney Wakefield files to run against Jenkins for Congress

Margie, don't forget about the military and civilians that work at Ft. Riley, they were affected too. I hope you get state wide support. I have e-mailed Ms. Jenkins numerous times and the answers I get back are very seldom directed at my question, but trying to lead me off of the subject. Good luck!

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Would you sign up and pay for a Google Fiber-type service in Lawrence?

I would love to see a competitor to both AT&T and WOW. I have had both services and both are not reliable. AT&T is better than WOW, but I still have a hard time streamling TV or movies, which is ridiculous in this day and age. I'm ready for something much better and faster!

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Trash day to change for many Lawrence residents as city prepares for curbside recycling

we have more recycling than trash, so we would need a 95 gal one I'm guessing. We currently fill up about 6 or 7 containers in our garage every other week. At least this pickup will be once a week. I'm wondering why they don't do trash collection M-TH and not collect on Fri? Although, we have left for trips on Tuesdays before. We usually try to have a friend or neighbor move it back to the garage for us. But, collecting on Mon instead of Fri would be a safer bet that people will be home at night I'm guessing. I am really looking forward to the recycling.

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Fred Phelps Sr., founder of Westboro Baptist Church, dead at 84

As a Christian, I am suppose to love my enemies. I said a prayer for him and have moved on. I hope no one pickets his funeral. I would rather there not have been any media attention at all. Let him just die quietly, not for his sake, but for the sake of others. I've attended too many soldiers funerals over the last 10 years, but I refuse to feel hatred for this group. In fact, I thank them because if it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have the patriot guard, which is a wonderful organization who brings so much pride when you see them by the hundreds in a military funeral parade. They also have been one of the elements that have moved gay rights further along. God can use evil for good and I think he has with them. It is now between God and Mr. Phelps. I just wonder if the reason he was excuminicated is because he finally saw the light and the error of his ways. We will never know and I'm not going to spend anymore time thinking about him.

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Measure aims to cut Kansas out of health overhaul

Good old Brownback and his cronies are doing their best to continue to punish the poor and elderly citizens of Kansas. How very sad that so many people will fall for all of this propaganda.

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Editorial: Divorce barriers

I can't believe someone believes they can force people to stay in a marriage. How sad is this? Divorce is not easy, even when it is something that both people want. Very few folks (if any) get married thinking they can just get out of it with a divorce. It would be better if the state offered marriage counseling for income based fees to all who file for divorce. You can't just change a law and think it's going to help people "work things out". Put your money where your mouth is and actually use the brain God gave you to think of a better way to affect the divorce rate.

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Fluoride fight pits oral health advocates against those who say their science is outdated

I knew Albert Burgstahler and he had many other examples and tests to show how just the low level in the city water makes a huge difference in your health. Sometimes it is easier to just go with the status quo than to really look at other evidence. He spent over 50 years researching this based on his own health. I would like to see the 2 sides try to come up with another way to get the required amount of floride in to children. No one here mentioned the study in Ireland that shows significant differences in health issues between the north and the south. I personally haven't researched that study and I do drink city tap water. However, I also developed a thyroid condition a number of years ago. There are many instances where something that is good for us in one aspect is bad for us in another. It would be nice if we could pick and choose, but in this case, we don't get that option, unless we want to pay for our water in a bottle and then there is no guarantee, unless you send it out for independant testing, that it is floride free also.

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