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Man injured after his handgun goes off in Salina theater

but she had to get training and a drivers license and is required to have insurance (doesn't mean everyone adheres to these requirements) to operate that motor vehicle. Yes, it was a stupid thing to do. It's not the first time and it won't be the last time someone behind the wheel of a vehicle panics over a spider, bee or something else in the car. She will be held accountable for sure; the man with the gun in the movie theatre will probably not be held accountable.

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Man injured after his handgun goes off in Salina theater

yes, a tool that's sole purpose for being created was to take a human life (rifles do not qualify as this, but handguns do). Our state doesn't make anyone take a course, have insurance or even get a license to do this. It seems to me that Ralph's original statement is spot on and your sentence about regulating hammers is way off base because a hammers sole purpose is not to kill a human being; in fact, it has no intent at all to do that. It is a totally unreasonable comparison.

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Inside McCarthy Hall, the KU basketball team’s ‘insane’ new home

but this was paid for by private donors. Where are the private donors for the football team? There aren't many. Until we can hire a coach who can do something with our program, it isn't going to attract private donations. It has nothing to do with the media. Let's give our new coach a chance. It's his first year and he is playing with players someone else recruited.

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Inside McCarthy Hall, the KU basketball team’s ‘insane’ new home

Hopefully fact. If our legislators don't know that the sports programs tend to be financed by themselves basically and by private donations, they don't belong in the legislature and we as voters have failed and elected incompetent people. (of course, that is exactly what has happened unfortunately) This comment was supposed to be further up on this page.....

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Inside McCarthy Hall, the KU basketball team’s ‘insane’ new home

The only thing I would say that may sound negative, but isn't intended that way, is that I don't think the perfect GSR includes the one and dones, which are becoming more and more common in our program. I liked it better when we had almost all of our players for 3-4 years and only occasionally the one and done. You got to know the players more and it felt more like a local team. But yes, if the players stick around, HCBS is very good at putting their academics high and they all graduate. Some with very tough degrees.

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New numbers cause some leaders to question how city recycles glass; some collections down by 40 percent

If Hamm can't get it worked out, I hope that the city will be able to have us separate out the glass and keep it separate in their trucks. That seems like a good solution. Expecting a new recycling program to go off without any issues isn't realistic. I have no doubt that Kathy and her team will get this worked out, one way or another.

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City proposes adding 74 bicycle parking spaces downtown

I understand your point of view, however, according to the article, they are only talking about using 2 parking spaces on Massachusetts St. I don't think that is even worth the labor to remove those. I believe they are going to be permanent fixtures.

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City proposes adding 74 bicycle parking spaces downtown

Mr Calvin, there are many cyclists who ride all year long. With the exception of a few snow days, and some years, no snow days. There is cycling gear available to keep you warm down to very cold temperatures. Why would you need to remove them? We just built a brand new parking garage. Unfortunately some folks don't want to walk. They want to park right in front of where they are going. (I'm talking healthy folks able to walk)

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City set to approve 120-foot cell phone tower in eastern Lawrence; study finds Kansas among the top states in U.S. for teachers

Justin, there is a difference between what Kansas teachers are being paid and the state of our schools. I don't think their salaries have gone down since Brownback took office, but I would like to see some of the teachers chime in here. I think the amount of money the state is giving the schools has gone way down, which affects things like supplies and building upkeep for the students. I'm guessing teachers are spending way more of their own money for things their students need that used to be provided. Also, low teacher to student ratios might just mean folks are either moving out of state or they are putting their kids in private schools, which is really what some GOP folks want, is the state to get completely out of teaching and leave it all to private schools. There is a billboard outside of Lawrence advertising for teachers in Missouri. I think it was put there to let Kansas teachers who are fed up with the small amount of funding they are getting to know there is a better place to teach. I'm also guessing that not all of the things that caused the rating are listed in the article, since only 1 area, student to teacher ratio was above the 9th ranking. I don't know how ranking pretty much in the middle of the pack for everything else mentioned gets us into 9th place. Chad, was there more than you were able to mention above that helped make the ranking determination? One last thought on this matter, there is no where in there where how well the students are doing plays into this. As much as I want teachers to love what they do and where they work (and get paid well for doing it) I am much more interested in having our children rank high in how well they are being educated. The children are our future and will be taking care of the country in a very short amount of time. Do we want under educated adults running our country? I know I don't!

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Kobach, ACLU battle over proof-of-citizenship law

DR, you are missing the point. They are enacting laws for something that isn't even an issue. These laws are disenfranchising thousands of voters across the country, thereby denying US citizens the right to vote. How many voters are you willing to disenfranchise to stop what isn't even a problem? What you may be unwilling to accept is that this is being done to stop the poor and minority of our country from voting, because they tend to vote along Democrat party lines. It's all made up. There isn't an issue. There have been some instances of registration fraud, but very, very few. Here's a Washington Post article that says they found 31 out of a billion votes. It's not worth the chance of not allowing LEGAL US CITIZENS the right to vote.

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