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Your Turn: Storm bearing down on Kansas schools

This breaks my heart. There is a part of me that hopes we reach the critical mass here so that all the people who voted these conservative idiots in will see what happens when you quit paying taxes and reduce government. However, I don't want to see our children harmed along with all the families that work for or supply things to our schools. As said above, reducing government doesn't mean that it's actually smaller, it means people don't get raises, you pay contractors instead of government workers (which as said is more expensive; all while getting some company rich) and it hurts the entire economy as these people have less money to spend. Oh wait, Brownies staff got a 7% raise....while the rest of the state employees haven't had one in about 7 years I believe. Imagine not getting a raise for 7 years.....

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Lawrence Arts Center CEO confident East Ninth Project will move forward

hard to compare walking to the grocery store with walking to an Arts district. We live 2 blocks from Dillon's. Sometimes we walk, other times we drive. It depends on how much we are picking up. If we are getting a lot of groceries walking isn't practical. I see a lot of people walking home from Dillon's all the time. I think this corridor would help expand the downtown shopping area.

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Haskell faculty, students call Washington Redskins poll results 'crazy'

I agree that the name should change and that all teams using names should examine carefully the origins of the name and if it should change. These teams reluctance to change their names is disgraceful.

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Lawrence historic resources board hears heated comments on East Ninth Street design

From what I can see, it appears this is only going to increase property value in that neighborhood, so the current property owners get a win also. I really don't see a downside to this.

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Recruit Lightfoot ‘serious’ player

Looking forward to seeing him on the court! Welcome to Lawrence Mitch!

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Lawrence High sophomore earns perfect ACT score

I think kids can start taking it any year they want, and some do and then they can use their highest score. Congratulations!!

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Parking proposal for $75 million apartment project produces lots of questions, high stakes for Oread neighborhood

A quick google search shows that there are 5 other companies out there that make these automated parking solutions. Funny, boomerang's web site is still out there. There is a small notice about their "voluntary Chapter 11" to restructure it's balance sheet. If you are trying to restructure and get back into the black, why would you shut down a project that one would think is going to make your company a lot of money? How much money had HERE@Kansas already paid them, if any? Why aren't they working with one of the other 5 companies? All good questions I think, and I'm with most of you--HERE thinks they are going to get away with all the code violations because it's a big project that would be an eye sore if left unfinished. This is a mess. Especially to those who live in the Oread Neighborhood or close to this project.

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Oread developers agree to comply with city demands

If the Oread didn't really owe the money, why did they pay it in the first place then? My opinion is that they paid it hoping they could find a way to get some of it back.

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School board president suggests that board member Kris Adair resign rather than take 'less active role' in elected position

I agree that Ms. Adair should resign. Her status has changed since she ran for the board, and if she was being entirely honest with herself, the odds are that after this 90 day program, her company is going to be very busy enacting things they are learning, so I don't think it will get much better. A good leader would do the right thing for both her company and the Lawrence public that elected her, and would resign. It's the right thing to do.

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Future of gun club uncertain as it's ordered out of Community Building

I also think this is sad, especially since there may not be any place for newbies to go to learn safety, how to care for their weapon, how to secure it in their home, and to practice shooting. I hope that something else opens up for them.

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