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Lawrence man meets daughter for the first time on German TV show

Great story! I wish we could have seen the episode over here.

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The ins and outs of a proposed increase in parking fines for downtown Lawrence

I'm guessing they have to ticket right up until the time allowed. More than likely they had no idea when you got there and if your time had run out long ago or not. However, I really do have a problem with Mr. Herbert trying to get canned food for his favorite charity. I think that other local charities will be extremely upset about them not being chosen. If you want to raise the fine, then raise the fine. But raising it by $2 is 66% increase and that's a lot if you are going by percentages. I agree that as it gets higher it may discourage people from shopping downtown and if the downtown starts slowing down it will affect all of us.

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Lawmakers question legality of KU, Brownback administration real estate deals

I'm happy to hear they found funding in Wisconsin, another state with a Governor the likes of Brownback who is doing everything he can to drag their flagship University down. Maybe one day Kansas can repay that or pay it forward to another state university.

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Kansas House GOP testing support for Supreme Court changes

Brownback doesn't understand how and why our government was set up this way. Of course, if he changes it, that means that if we get a democratic governor after him they are also going to be able to do just that. This is what has kept our Federal House/Senate from changing some rules that they would like to see changed....until the other party has the majority. Then it would come back to bite them in the ...

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Rejection of south Iowa Street shopping center sends confusing signals about future of south Lawrence growth

I'm not disagreeing with your logic here, but even if it was zoned commercial, doesn't the city still have to approve new businesses coming into town? If it was a business they didn't want they could say no at that point in time.

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Kansas wants explanation of Virginia handgun permit decision

ok, I had to look it up. Here's a quote from the article I read:
According to The Washington Post, Herring said of out-of-state concealed permit holders, “While you are here, you are subject to the commonwealth’s gun laws.” In light of this, the states being cut by Herring are those which have not attached as many conditions and prohibition to their concealed carry permits. Herring contends that concealed carry “should be extended only to those who have gone through a process to prove a level of competency and responsibility.”

The article sited domestic violence as one of the reasons that would block someone from getting a concealed carry permit. I don't know if Kansas restricts permits to those with a domestic battery/abuse charge on their record. Here's the article in case anyone is interested:

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Kansas wants explanation of Virginia handgun permit decision

I wonder if it has anything to do with our state's decision to allow everyone to carry a concealed weapon without a permit? The only ones who need to get a permit are the ones that want to carry in another state that recognizes our "permit". Maybe Virginia no longer trusts that Kansas will honor the requirements they had for the permit before they made the permits useless in the state.

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New fast food pizza chain coming to south Iowa Street

add some whole mozzarella sliced to that and it's really fabulous!

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Two KU fraternities are on probation for hazing; university won't say why

I don't think all should be punished for the sins of the few. I'm glad they talked to someone about the level of redaction. Totally ridiculous. Outside of names or specific descriptions that would lead to revealing who the person is (tattoo's or something else very distinctive) nothing else should have been redacted. I hope the LJWorld will have their attorney request the documents again without all of the redaction. I don't like that KU is trying to hide this stuff; it makes it seem even worse than it might be.

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Chatter about a possible Lawrence Costco grows; a closer look at how developers hope retail grows near Rock Chalk Park

I also would love to see a Costco here. We are members and don't go nearly as often as we would if we were closer in proximity to one. Come on Costco!

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