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A look at how much more you could earn by working in Kansas City, and other wage and salary information about Lawrence

Thanks Chad. I agree, it would be nice. This explains why so many people work outside of Lawrence, but choose to live in Lawrence.

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Kansas election official says voting systems secure from hackers

which is why we should just use paper and pencil like we used to do. I don't care if it takes longer to count the votes.

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Journal-World staff changes announced with upcoming ownership change

you called it David. They retained 61 out of 91. They were trying to put a good spin on it, but since they couldn't put it that way I guess we know there is not going to be unbiased reporting anymore.

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Journal-World staff changes announced with upcoming ownership change

very sad. The folks they let go were the highest earners more than likely. They will not get the same quality of photographs from anyone else. I understand they need to earn money and run in the profit zone, but you don't do that by angering the readers with these kind of actions. If I have to pay to read the on-line version, I will no longer be reading the LJWorld. Very sad day indeed.

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John Brown's Underground denied drinking license for lack of food sales

I don't know how many years ago you are talking about, but there are a lot of nice restaurants where you can get a drink and they aren't all over priced and high end. You are missing out on what we consider the best part of Lawrence, downtown. I hope you will give it a try one of these days. The places we go to usually have very few if no drunk college students. I'm guessing the older "bars" that are grandfathered in are the ones where all the college students go.

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John Brown's Underground denied drinking license for lack of food sales

They do serve food; however when we were there right after they opened; there was only 2 or 3 options if I remember correctly. Also, if memory serves me right, it was more appetizer type food at dinner type prices. I hope they can figure it out. It's a nice space and I for one think giving them a 6 months extension to improve is a good idea. I'm glad they are already working on it and we will have to try out their brunch.

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Lawrence City Commission advances two requests for tax incentives

Thank you Matthew for being the voice of reason. One tiny little apartment with 550 sq feet (I am fairly certain Mr. Schumm would make it as small as possible) for $95,000 is $172./sq ft. Just because it would only cost $95,000 doesn't make it affordable housing or a good deal. I just looked for 1 bedroom homes for sale for the same price. There is only 1 house and it is a 3 bedroom with 1,008 sq feet. That is $94/sq foot. Big difference. I've looked at other houses, even those costing around $200,000 and they all cost between $90/sqft and $122/sqft. Much cheaper than this $172/sqft. I don't consider this affordable, especially since, as a condo, they will still have to pay condo fee's and they would be much better off with a house and a yard. Condo fees can be very expensive, and you pay them forever. I agree, if Mr. Schumm can't afford to build this on his own, then he should just buy a condo from one of the other ones that have gone up on NH.

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Kobach uses state plane, government funds to talk at GOP events

This man is just pure evil. He belongs in jail.

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Your Turn: Storm bearing down on Kansas schools

This breaks my heart. There is a part of me that hopes we reach the critical mass here so that all the people who voted these conservative idiots in will see what happens when you quit paying taxes and reduce government. However, I don't want to see our children harmed along with all the families that work for or supply things to our schools. As said above, reducing government doesn't mean that it's actually smaller, it means people don't get raises, you pay contractors instead of government workers (which as said is more expensive; all while getting some company rich) and it hurts the entire economy as these people have less money to spend. Oh wait, Brownies staff got a 7% raise....while the rest of the state employees haven't had one in about 7 years I believe. Imagine not getting a raise for 7 years.....

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Lawrence Arts Center CEO confident East Ninth Project will move forward

hard to compare walking to the grocery store with walking to an Arts district. We live 2 blocks from Dillon's. Sometimes we walk, other times we drive. It depends on how much we are picking up. If we are getting a lot of groceries walking isn't practical. I see a lot of people walking home from Dillon's all the time. I think this corridor would help expand the downtown shopping area.

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