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Lawrence Public Library exploring digital options for readers

Yeah, chic's right! Why do we have a library at all? I bet the city could just pay Amazon millions of dollars to let us all rent ebooks for free, for awhile, and then we can get rid of these menaces to society, books and libraries, once and for all!
Who even reads old books? I only like the books that have been published recently, and those all get published as eBooks too! Besides, I prefer books that run on electricity, so I have to pay more to keep reading or use somebody else's electricity or that just stop working entirely for no explainable reason. I didn't need to finish that book anyway, but it was fun to read for awhile.
eBooks are so awesome! Tablets are only sort of expensive! Just think of all the children who prefer books that are on the same machine as their video games!

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KC Board of Trade closing after 157 years

Somebody call The Untouchables!

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