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Pair of traffic calming projects — including a blue light at traffic signals — set for city

If the officer is not in the lane from which he can see the light turn from yellow to red, then is he in the crossing lane where the light turns green when the other turns red? Does the blue light come on at the same time both of these events take place. Do the officers not understand this? As just a driver with no formal training of the law, even I understand this.

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Eudora mobile home fire contained

You should feel good that the LJW had this much to say about news from Eudora. And on a holiday weekend. This is a new high for them.......

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Start your engines: Work on Kansas Turnpike near Lawrence wrapping up Wednesday night

Glad it's done but they could have done a better job on the west bound lanes and bridges....Really rough for a new roadway....

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Pump patrol

$3.45 in Eudora.

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Bill Self shrugs off Aggies’ departure

On the 3 players who are not certified yet: I understand why they cannot play until they are certified, but why should they not be allowed to attend classes? Are they even allowed to enroll in the classes they should be taking? At what point in time does this semester become unrecoverable? Are they now living in rooms intended for team members? Are they now eating meals intended for team members? Are they now working out with personal and physical trainers intended for team members? .......using tutors...........? .......playing in pick-up games.........? So why are they not allowed to attend classes as they did in the summer? Are the $100,000+, tax free scholarships that the coaching staff worked so hard to convince them to accept contingent on them being certified to play basketball? Aren't we led to believe that student comes first in student/athlete? I'll bet that coach Self and staff will easily have them certified by the NCAA in time for practice to start.

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Town Talk: New Chinese restaurant to open in former Peking Taste spot; July home building numbers hit new low; more on area gasoline prices

KR, I will try to put this in a way even you can understand. If the gas was sold in 16 oz. bottles, as is the water at $.79, it would only be $.43 per 16 oz. bottle. Shame we can't drink gas. It's cheaper than water.............

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Town Talk: New Chinese restaurant to open in former Peking Taste spot; July home building numbers hit new low; more on area gasoline prices

Everyone is complaining about the price of gas but when they fill up they walk in and get a bottle of water on a hot day. Gas = $3.49 per gallon. Bottle of cheapest water = $.79 per 16 oz. bottle which equals $5.94 per gallon. Makes sense to me.......

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Three newcomers await NCAA word

So then when the coaches go into the kid's home and talk to him and his parents, do they say " We would love for you give you a scholarship to come be a part of our basketball team. Then if you are allowed to play ball, we have this little thing called classes."
If they have accepted a scholarship, then is school work contingent on the NCAA? These boys should be in class now. This just confirms that the kids are recruited as players first and foremost but that being a student is just a secondary consideration. If you can't do any good for the team, boys, then just head on down the road. We can get students off any street corner to accept a $100.000 education...

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When it comes to getting parking tickets in Downtown Lawrence, sometimes you can be saved by the weather

And no tickets if you keep change in the meter.........

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Texas A&M, SEC play out teen love drama

A truly hard hitting, in your face, I'll not reveal my sources news story.....Excellent job.

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