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Sebelius supports free state parks

ljreader- You should be more specific about your allegations and calls for litigation. The tuition law lets kids who graduated from KANSAS high schools who have attended Kansas schools for THREE years or more get in-state tuition! This system is designed to promote growth in the long-run and to avoid punishing children for the sins of their parents. As a Kansan I am excited that this program will help kids become more productive, educated members of society.

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Community rallies around injured student

I heard this was partially caused by the driver's negligance because his trailer hitch was too big for the "ball" on the back of his it wasn't properly attached. I also know that a lot of trailers have a secondary safety mechanism in a chain that attaches from the trailer to the car. I heard this was not used in this situation.

Does anyone know more about this?

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Lawrence sees mumps surge


Vaccinating kids against the chicken pox and other illnesses is not always the best. These types of viruses live in your body forever, and if you protect your child from contracting them at a young age then you are endangering them later because they can get shingles or chickenpox at a later age which is much more dangerous.

"Protecting" your child from every little illness will only make them have a weaker immune system in the long run. Their bodies won't be able to ward off viruses as well and then can develop very serious illnesses later.

We should encourage our children's immune systems to work and be able to protect them from these rather harmless childhood illnesses rather than raising children with weak immune systems.

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1 killed, 1 injured in shooting outside downtown nightclub

I cannot believe you people are blaming this on the "hip hop" show and crowd. That is so ignorant. There are hip hop shows in Lawrence at least two nights a week EVERY week, yet people are not shot at those shows. There are also A LOT of hip hop artists who do NOT promote violence. The SHOOTER is to blame in this situation, to put blame anywhere else is to allow people to not be accountable for their actions...and that is ridiculous!

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