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Lawrence man arrested on animal cruelty charge

So did the dog bite him before or after he zip-tied its legs?

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Shelter site wins key approval

I should have said police calls as opposed to crimes... obviously ambulance calls are not crimes!

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Shelter site wins key approval

My question was not directed to you in particular, but since you responded... I think your concerns are perfectly reasonable and valid. I do not mean to downplay the concerns of the neighborhoods surrounding the potential shelter sites. Rather, I'm trying to point out (to some that may not realize it) that the shelter has been trying to relocate for a long time. Not only that, but in the instances where the shelter did try to engage public discussion before finalizing a proposed new location, the residents of the area in question have premeptively said no before discussion could even occur. This site is literally the last place they can go in Lawrence.

In my understanding, the shelter staff have shown the city commission several times that the crime statistics associated with the shelter are actually better percentage wise than those of the downtown neighborhood at large (boundaries as identified by the Lawrence Police Dept.) and similar to several other neighborhoods, including the Prairie Park Neighborhood into which the shelter is proposing a move. These presentations were at city meetings to renew the shelter's limited use permit. When I say statistics, I mean similar numbers and kinds of crimes as reported by LPD (e.g. disturbing the peace, hospital/ambulance calls, robberies, domestic assault, etc.). I do not have the statistics with me, but they should be available through city commission records or via the shelter.

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Shelter site wins key approval

Did it ever occur to anyone that one of the biggest reasons the shelter is moving to this particular site is that there is nowhere else for them to go? The shelter board have been searching for a suitable location for YEARS. And what do they find? Not in my backyard!

Of course the shelter should be located near to the services, but where are the services? Downtown... yet the citizens associated with homes and businesses downtown do not want the shelter there, and neither does the city commission.

The people of Lawrence have collectively decided that we would rather take as many of our homeless folks as we can and move them to the edge of town where we won't have to see them anymore. At least the new facility will provide room for people to sleep in reasonable conditions, instead of having to stack on top of each other in the winter, and the new building will have space available to provide some services in house. In all likelihood, there will also be room for a separate wet shelter and a secure family shelter to address some of the concerns mentioned previously.

...and shame on those who think this is just some way for the staff to "get a raise". Mr. Henderson has more than enough credentials to be a very well paid consultant, but he chooses to serve the public for a pittance. Our city and our homeless folks are lucky to have him.

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Funny business: Help us update our comics section

They already have my name and address since I get the paper.

Keep Sherman's Lagoon, Dilbert, & Off the Mark. Do what you will with the rest.

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Recommendations made to reduce infant mortality in Kansas

so... what were the actual *causes* again? and are they different in Kansas from other states? or are we just worse at dealing with them?

surely every state has low birth weights, SIDS, & maternal complications... right? there has to be something else...

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The fairer sex: Female fantasy-sports junkies stake their claim in a male-dominated game

morgan- As a male fantasy football player who read this article, I don't care for your comment.

Who are you to pass judgment on selection of teams? Nobody makes you pick a certain way. Why should she?

Maybe she actually enjoys having a team her favorite players. The whole point of fantasy football is to have a good time watching the games and competing with your friends, and since she's in the playoffs in her league, it sounds like she's doing just fine.

As for the cheating... it's not cheating if there's no rule against it. Sounds like the commish decided the trade was no good, so it was denied. Sheesh. You sound like you had money riding on it or something.

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Jaeger’s attorneys call for new trial

Funny... when the defense thought Edmonsun was against his client, he was first in line to throw Edmonsun off the jury:
From Aug 12th:
“It’s not like a simple drive-by or reading in a newspaper; the allegations here involved a re-enactment of a material fact in this case,” defense attorney Pedro Irigonegaray said. “And it is very disturbing to think the interests of justice have been put at such jeopardy as a result of this man’s action.”

Irigonegaray said the actions had “been ongoing, since early on in the deliberations of this case. It is difficult for me to not conclude that there has been an impact.”

I guess the "interests of justice" only apply when you think the juror will say your client is innocent. Right, Pedro?

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Kin in the kitchen: Family runs Lawrence Thai restaurant together

I have always had good service at Thai Siam. They are friendly & courteous, & the food is wonderful! It can take a bit of time to get your food if the place is busy (which it almost always is), b/c they are making it fresh and there are only 2 of them. The wait there is comparable to any other busy, sit down restaurant in town.

To Dustin & Jeab - Thanks for all the hard work and great food! :)

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Sunday morning chase ends with vehicle crash

There are only 3 streets out of the neighborhood. 3 cars could've contained him without a chase the minute he turned. No high speed required.

I'm just glad I didn't park on the street last night. That drunk jerk could've cost me a bunch of money, and he easily could've done a whole lot worse than that.

I hope they throw the book at him.

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