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2012 Photos of the Year - Mike Yoder

Thanks for the photos-the two boys looking at Venus are my science kiddos this year! Loved the picture.

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Board meets briefly; Weseman has job review

Glad I wasn't the only one to notice we are putting more ADA facilities into Cordley when Centennial was MUCH more adapted to all students. Still am amazed after all this time that it was agreed to close Centennial and keep Cordley.Centennial is one story and has playing fields surrounding it with room for a larger elementary school or for the high school to expand into.Cordley has stairs and two busy, busy streets around it with no place to expand the building.Wow.

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Edge of 'Dawn'

Wish there was a "nicer" photo to go with this story. Little disturbing to see this on the pulse page at 7 this morning. Know it was a violent event but geez guys. If I want to see the violence, I'll get a sitter and go see the film!

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