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Lawrence teen — missing since May 29 — found in Shawnee County

Who are you and how do you know what started this WHOLE MESS?!?

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Family members looking for 13-year-old boy

This is Stevie's Aunt and I would like to thank everyone for their continued prayers and support! Stevie is a wonderful, amazing and caring kid. Yes he ran away at first but we fear he has been abducted. It is very unlike him to not contact his mother or his father by now. If anyone would like to know just what an amazing child he is please join the group on Facebook (PLEASE HELP FIND STEVIE DRAKE). You will see that he is loved and missed. STEVIE I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH AND PRAY FOR YOUR SAFE RETURN BUBBA!

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Case hits close to home for officer

You're right I couldn't handle it that's why I'm not a cop. DGL the only chip on my shoulder is that I am not able to big my friend back, and that the LPD only looked at his death as a good thing, "One less drug user to worry about". When they should be worried about the dealers who fed his addiction; their still out their finding new clients, even worse, drug use is becoming more popular for middle school children. How is one able to live with themselves after selling drugs to little kids?

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Case hits close to home for officer

Like I said, I agree with the fact I should've been busted, I let friend in my car with drugs, big mistake. Everyone has made bad choices in their life, and trust me it has come back to haunt me, having a friend killed for not paying his dealer, is life changing carma. But whats scary and upsetting is when police officers, the ones who are suppose to keep the streets safe, are helping these dealers. It's my oppinion that what McAtee did is nothing that Harmon hasn't done himself, but when it comes to his family, he feels its not right. The LPD is so crooked that I hope that with this situation they will be internally investigated. My friend should've been in jail along time ago for doing drugs, atleast then he would still be alive and there would've been one less drug user on the streets.

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Case hits close to home for officer

Yeah they should have busted me, but point is they didn't. JimmyJoeBob do you think its ok that LPD is scared of the crack dealers or that they help the crack heads? I have friends that do drugs but not me, never did a drug in my life or drank any alcohol. I have many family members that are alcoholics and drug users that I never seemed interested. I just wished they would've got busted, it could have done them some good but we'll never know.

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Case hits close to home for officer

I think the entire LPD needs to be investigated. It makes one wonder, when a body is found in the back yard at the place where he lived, which happens to be know as one of the biggest crack dealers in Lawrence, and right away they rule it as suicide without any real investigation. You would think they would have had the right to search the home of the victim. It looks to me as if they are tring to cover something up. Another reason to investigate the LPD, last year I got pulled over at 3am, I passanger had a sack of pot on him and didn't want to get caught so he threw it in my glove box. When the cop search my car he took the pot and he never said or did anything about it, guess he wanted it for himself. It's scary that anyone can be a cop in Lawrence. I think it's about time that a police officer gets a taste of what it is like to be on the other side. Maybe now they will take their job seriously and start busting the drug dealers in Lawrence instead of helping them.

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