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Douglas County Commission boosts its own pay by $11,000 a year

Good point riverat.....these politicians live in luxury. They take a raise whenever they want.....who cares, it's only taxpayer money. Do any of you reading this blog have the luxury of a 50,000 + salary, medical benefits, probably a tax payer funded car, kapers, paid vactaion, comp time, etc, etc, etc.

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School board fires pom squad coach

I think almost everyone is a hipocrite here. I would guess almost everyone probably drank at some point in time when they were underage. I love how we adults think its ok when we did it, but now we are on a search and destroy mission with every kid that drinks.

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School board fires pom squad coach

The incident supposedly occured earlier that day at the homecoming parade which was at 2:00. If this girl was drunk where was the administration? Ms. Stewart works in another discrict so she would not have been there. And what about the homeless man that jumped up on one of the homecoming floats with the students? Is this not a danger as well? Once again where was the administration? Maybe at the Red Lyon getting a buzz of their own! This whole incident is just another example of how the Lawrence School District can't seem to keep any good teachers around for more than a few years. Are we all really that naive to think that drinking does not go on all the time among high school stundents? Sure it's illegal but so is going over the speed limit. Maybe we should fire every teacher that speeds in this town. Ms. Stewart got screwed, she was put in a tough situation and made the best decision she could at the time. Let's not forget who did the drinking here.

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Pom squad coach may lose job following student drinking incident

The student supposedly had one drink several hours before the game. This should not be a matter of this one student and coach. I go to the football games and half if not more of the student a section is drunk or at one point that night were drinking. I can smell it on their breath how come no other LHS staff member can. Is that not a danger as well? You cannot judge this one student and coach without bringing in the rest of the student body and entire administration.

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