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Former KU quarterback arrested for OUI on homecoming weekend

WHO CARES!!!! He Rocked the Jayhawks and plus he is human too.

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Charlie Weis out as Kansas University football coach

Why? He didn't poke anybody.

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WOW to double Internet speeds in Lawrence by January

Go U-verse!!!!! last 2 years of having WOW/Knology we had daily pixelating problems for almost a solid 2 years. they sent over dozens of techs, 3 supervisors, completely rewired our home 3 times, replaced the main drop 4 times, replaced all our boxes at least 3 different times, put numerous line amps on to resolve the issue and most importantly i lost dozens of hours of work pay to be at home for the repairs. have had U-Verse for right at 1 year now and ZERO problems.

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Getaway driver nets 5 years in deadly robbery

Never really understood (being i was a victim as well) why a criminal that has confessed to a crime be allowed to plea bargaining. did the victim of this hanus crime get to plea for his life back?
kind of like being bullied by the criminal to me.

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Football city showdown 2014

LJW was the same way with ladies soccer the last 4 years. Maybe it's top secret and requires special clearance to release that top secret info.

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Citizen's petition calls for smoking ban on Massachusetts Street

This topic is an insult to this being a free country. i except the inside ban but outside? really? cigarette tire goop? are you sure you didn't walk under a roof repair job. heck i just might start smoking just to pollute Mass street.

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Lawrence man convicted twice of raping Kansas University student sentenced to 25 years in prison

good thing he wasn't selling pot, he'd be locked up for life.

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Kansas Turnpike Authority in talks to build scenic outlook on I-35

Why not put lines on the turnpike between Lawrence and Topeka first. you have no markings to identify the should from outside lanes.

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Kansas patrol to boost enforcement of texting ban

I've always believed that a cell phone should me manufactured with a program that disables texting at a certain speed, you pull up to a stop light and look at the car beside you and you might see a young teen or college age person texting away. then at your next stop light you might see a 50 plus year old texting away. it has to stop nation wide and blocking is the only answer i believe.

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Three people injured in four-vehicle accident east of Lawrence

Thank god no one was killed. i'll never go 24 highway to tonganoxie again. the last time i was on that highway i was almost ran off the road by a on coming car driven by a texting young lady. and i bet she ruined the pants she was wearing when she looked up. and on the same trip back to Lawrence i was passed on a curve at the top of a hill by 3 teenage super heroes. if i wouldn't of slammed onto the brakes they would of hit the oncoming truck head on.

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