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Runaway foster dog Penny found safe again

Because that's how LJW is. They don't like it they remove it. also that's one of 2 reasons why readers don't waste their time commenting anymore. the other reason is readers didn't want to use their real names because of the facebook link junk.

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DA doesn't charge Lawrence police officer arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, kidnapping charges

OMG! i just slapped my daughters BARBIE DOLL around. her face is cracked and both her arms fell off.

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Local day care closes after allegations of improper punishment, force-feeding

How did this person ever get approved for a daycare license? and i'm sorry but the employee/employees that stood by idle and done nothing should be held accountable just as much as the Daycare owner. this is an insult for our communities good name. i hope chargers will follow for all involved. And it would also be nice to read about some other local daycare's coming forward and maybe offering at least some temporary daycare for these kids and parents.

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Quick-thinking school bus driver saves Baldwin City home from flames

Someone has a Guardian Angel.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Living life like a rock star

I and my family have known Perry for almost 21 years and all I can say is he's always been a joy to be around, live next too and visit with. His dad does Elvis persinations rather well so I can see Perry bringing down the house. Follow your dreams buddy and enjoy the ride.

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Owners of pet business apologize for fire as dog owners grieve; business lacked license; city is checking compliance in other kennels

What's bad about the lose of peoples loved pets is nothing will probably happen to the owners of the business other than a fine for code violations or something along that line. I'm a major hard core pet lover myself and cannot imagine the pain these pet owners are going thru do to a low class second rate ran business.

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Hillcrest school scraps Halloween parties, plans to eliminate Valentine's Day events

Well let's see now, 1st we started taking recesses away from children at school, then traditional holiday plays and music from kids music programs, then music programs, then sports, then no holding hands, kissing or even touching, today's event is just another step of becoming the dullest borring school system world wide. We've raised 3 beautiful young ladies that's all graduated from Lawrence High High School and the changes that's taken place over the last 15 years is truly an embarrassment as an American. Pick this post apart if you may. It all comes down to the issue of people from other countries coming here and as their children enter our school system and our ways are different they complain and or protest and we have our culture stripped away to satisfy there wants. The fun has been taken out of school for sure.

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Deer cam captures mountain lion on Kansas trail

Great comment Matthew. lol photo was probably taken at a deer blind. R R RRRRRRR!

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Photos of the month: September 2014

The Pies ROCK!!!!!!!!!

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