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Summer road maintenance and construction in full swing beginning Monday

Okay I can see the project on 19th & Naismith BUT! Why are they blocking the 18th street intersections to do those stupid family circle projects at the same time?

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Attorney says house arrest for Eudora woman accused of killing baby is too inconvenient, asks judge to modify

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New owners to close longtime cable news channel this summer; one of city's largest employers gets new boss

As long as it's not a home owned cable company they'll CONTINUE to SUCK. R.I.P. Channel 6

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Police investigating death of Lawrence nurse

I'd say the story is pretty accurate. They found a young lady dead. The rest is irrelevant. Let the friends and family morn their loss for Christ sakes.

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Records: Slain boy had told Missouri authorities about brutal abuse

He won't last long in prison I bet.

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Police investigating death of Lawrence nurse

Because that's how our great LJ World Rolls.

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Shots fired following pool party with 200 guests

A little girl was killed in KC on 4th of July a few years ago from another careless person doing the exact same thing.

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Kansas bail bondsman gets life for killing son and feeding to pigs

No reason to let live and breath.

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