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Police pursuit in west Lawrence ends in crash, arrest

So what about the lady on 18th and Alabama street Saturday night about 8:40pm that was ran over by a man in a truck and he turned around and tried to run over her again but a person from the house it happened by pulled her out of the street and out of his way? haven't seen anything posted about that. we all pray the young lady is doing ok. .

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Head-shaving fundraiser to benefit Lawrence high schooler diagnosed with cancer

Hope none of these great caring young people get suspended from school because the hair cut doesn't meet school code or something more stupid.

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Lawrence woman finds success later in life with catering business run out of her garage

Dianna was our day care provider for our youngest daughter Karissa for about 5-7 years. all i can say is what a wonderful person she is and what a great experience for our daughter. to this day we still think about and believe She was a great example for our daughter and she is who she is today because of Dianna. looks like we might have to try some blueberry muffins in the near future :)

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One dead in two-vehicle crash near Kansas Turnpike's Lecompton exit

Seams to be a lot of auto accidents in that area. and been a couple deaths within the last year too. is it a issue with sight maybe.

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

(Add me to the list of those that will not tie back any activity here to Facebook or any other 3rd party account)

so when did little old lawrence's newspaper deserve to be included in the same sentence as ESPN? i'll never post on here again myself but it should be fun to read all the soft gentle caring post. later bjworld.

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Heavy thunderstorms cut power to many in Douglas County

23rd street from Louisiana Street west to Naismith was without power.

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Longtime East Lawrence business Miracle Video closing

And that is?????

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Longtime East Lawrence business Miracle Video closing

What's the usage agreement?

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