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Freed: Cheick Diallo finally cleared by NCAA updated 2 hours, 53 minutes ago

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Police: 11 injured in Great Bend crash involving spider

She should loose her license for 90 days. Good think it wasn't a bird or something of that size because she might of jumped out the window. All joking aside I'm glad to hear no one lost their live in this accident.

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Menards announces opening day for new Lawrence store will be Tuesday

It'll be nice having something new and different for awhile. Then the newness will wear off and back to Westlakes we go.

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Lawrence officials hear concerns over Kasold Drive reconstruction; project faces slight delay

The change will happen everyone, i bet their decision is all ready made on it too. now the politics are working its way threw the decision making and allowing the voices to believe they had some sort of say in the matter.


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Meeting scheduled to share information about Kasold Drive 'road diet'

Only on the east side.

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Oak leaf itch mites hit Lawrence for second year in a row

Wicked little Rascals. They don't go where chiggers like to wonder. These little guys will but anywhere. Head, neck, shoulders, back, stomach, arms and do on. My family fell victim to these insects twice now so far.

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Just Food raises $60,000 to pay tax debt, continue operating

read what him say not how him saz itz!

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Assets, bank accounts seized for Lawrence business owing $38,401 in taxes

Should of paid your bills.

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Former Lawrence High wrestler Wright-Conklin dies in motorcycle crash

The world has lost a really great young man. But out lord has received a great angel. Our hearts go out to all his family and friends.

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Police: 4 men now in custody following morning incident involving guns, masks

Put on a mask, hold a gun at 4 in the morning and yes you will get arrested.

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