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4.7 magnitude earthquake hits Oklahoma

We felt this one in Lawrence on Haversham Dr. Near Hallmark and Berry Plastics. My bed was swaying kind of scary

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The Boy in the Attic: De Soto mother Rachel Perez discusses horrific child abuse case

I so happy the little boy is safe now but I do wonder about the other children... what must they be thinking how their very own mother could do to their very own brother. Were they threatened if they spoke of him? Did she coach them daily to not even mention him? It's very disturbing to me that someone so evil could be given something as precious as beautiful children. God help the babies... they will need all the love and support while she is in jail... I know I will be praying for them all...

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Which restaurant do you wish delivered that doesn’t?

Gran Daddy's for sure and Slow Ride

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Tonganoxie man killed in motorcycle accident

R.I.P Joe we will miss you my friend ... God be with the family and all his friends

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Tonganoxie graduate Connor Olson dies after battle with cancer

R.I.P Conner God bless the family and friends our prayers are with you

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City has economic development options

Progress vanguard out in the east hills is closing the doors at the end of December, what as a business community are we going to do for the 50+ people that are being put to the curb? are we going to keep there skills in Lawrence or let them drive to kc for work? think about that impact...

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Medicare maze

WOW POGO has it right on the money very well said there POGO And yes Sweetone and I worked there together, her longer than I, poor thing ,but yes what you said... It's too bad things have changed all for the almighty dollar and at the Medicare Benes expense, doesn't matter how many toes they step on as long as Mr Curtis get's the numbers he wants. We were all just warm bodies that were replaced ASAP. And as sweetone said she was there when the place was actually a nice place to work and I started the EXACT week the Part D Plan started so I had a little training and was put out there to answer calls. Boy was that scary but soon enough you get the swing of it but then... MORE TRAINING!! and I mean alot more in a very short time and BOOM out you go again. Alot of the trainers were awesome some were supervisors that were learning at the exact same time as we were or getting refresher training on what they had learned a few minutes before training us. I hope some day Medicare get's back too good again for the beneficiaries it could be a great place to work but right now it's a nightmare. I really must say there are some great Supervisors there and they helped me alot through out the time I did work there. Some go to bat for you if you get dinged on a monitored call especially if you were trying to do everything you could for the caller. I have my faves there and I know they will always be good friends of mine even though I have left. As for the ones that were real ... well I will keep this a nice comment... some of them have no business working in that type of environment. They get away with some things that would never be allowed in another business but only @ Vangent can you be an idiot and keep your job as well as advance even. WHEW!!! this is like much needed therapy... thanks to all that have allowed me to vent and thank you Vangent for not suggesting removal... at least not yet anyway lol

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Working from home, keeping your sanity

sounds like good advise for the 50+ people that will lose there jobs after december 31 at the progress vanguard plant located in the east hills business park. BUT what can you do at home when there only offering a meager 5 weeks severance package!!! a big 2-1/2 days for every year you worked for the people that have labored 10+ years... thanks progress

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Medicare maze

I tried my best there as well but to no avail so I left before I lost my sanity and the funniest thing about working there was the constant moving around from one cubicle to another, that was just plain stupid. As soon as you get comfy in one spot they tell you "ok were all moving again so pack it up and get going to the other building" I never did understand that one it was just a joke.

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Medicare hot line takes toll on nerves

Ok Sweetone you got me going now and I'm sure when the VANGENT INC. people go through these they will know who we are (like I care) but here it goes. I too worked for NCS Pearson/Vangent Inc. I was there for 4 LONG years. Working there caused me so much anxiety and stress that I had to leave, I know, go ahead, ask... why did I stay there so long? Well here's why and I'm sure you all agree, 1. the pay was great. 2. The health care coverage was so so if you could find a Dentist in this part of Kansas that would take it, the Dental plan would have also been fine. 3. It was a wonderful feeling knowing I was helping the beneficiaries, but after so long it got to be more stressful hearing the complaints from them (although they were just deserved). I felt so heart broken when I had to tell these poor people what we had to say. It WAS ALL verbatim. We said what we were told to say, PERIOD. If we said things in our own words we would get "dinged" which is the word we used for getting "bit****" at by higher ups. I had nothing but great supervisors most of the time. I had problems with a couple there but oh well water under the bridge. I could tell you some stories about a couple but I might run out of space haha. So yes there you go my say about the "GREAT VANGENT INC." I am so glad and lucky to be out of that hell hole finally after so many years but I wish it would have gotten straight while I was there I would have been able to stay. But not any more I guess I wasn't a good enough liar or couldn't handle the heartbreak I would hear daily. But who does that make the better person? I dare ask. I was a Sr. Rep there too also called Help Q. And the amount of training is a big fat huge "LIE" they never gave anyone that much training...ever and they just rushed right through it expecting you to remember it all after so long you would get marked down for something. It was a real joke when I read that they said that many weeks training BULL**** How can they get away with those kinds of lies? And I thank God everyday that I no longer have to do it anymore. Sorry Medicare Beneficiaries I tried the best I could but just couldn't do it any longer. Good Luck people that work at VANGENT INC. My prayers are with you all ( to give you the strength and cold heart needed to work there). Sweetone take care talk soon I hope

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