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South Park Wading Pool open for summer

correct. that would be gross. i prefer my kids not swim in dog pee water ...

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Former day care owner charged with eight drug crimes

ok that made me laugh

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Pedestrian reports robbery at gunpoint

i live on Rhode Island. can we find out which block it was on?

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Lawrence man arrested after spanking child

i'm confused as to how you concluded/think
1.) the child now has no daddy. it's not like the guy is in Leavenworth and will never be allowed to see his kid again
2.) he was arrested in front of the child. although i absolutely agree that would be a tramatic thing for a child to see, the article doesn't indicate that was the case
3.) the bad man has not already utilized services and/or will not be offered services through the court and SRS. i would be shocked if the court didn't order the services you suggested. but that's just my conclusion

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Lawrence babysitter sentenced to life for rape conviction

awful, sick, horrible.

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Some Halloween reminders for everyone

does LPD still monitor the homes of registered sex offenders to ensure their front porch lights aren't on? i thought they used to do that but maybe i'm wrong ...

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Law enforcement officials find missing Tonganoxie couple

best of luck to law enforcement and the family!

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Hospital training nurses for rape incidents

Charles Branson clearly lit a fire! will be great to have this resource local.

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KU chancellor offers condolences to student's family, friends

why would a bunch of strangers care what this young man died from? you're not even going to remember this story in a month but his family will so maybe we can respect their privacy. if my son died i wouldn't necessarily want the cause of death in the damn newspaper. way to go LJWorld for having some respect.

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Have you ever used the eBay auction service?

Craigslist is the way to go! you get the price you want when selling and don't have to pay shipping when buying, plus you can see the item in person before you commit to buy.
love me some Craigslist

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