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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

TrippleG13, You sound like my kids, being all about the semantics and clouding basic facts , without looking at general ideas, even ones supplied by you. Maybe, if ALL of the extra park employees at ClintonSP, parking personnel ,construction staffing (those stages and tents didnt just grow there!), private and PUBLIC security officials, roadies, sound crews, concessionaires and ice vendors, the Bands, and truck drivers DIDNT spend any money they made while they stayed in Lawrence for the up-to 1-2 weeks it takes to put on a festival of this size, you might be right, but I KNOW you aren't. Even the local HyVee had a mini store onsite that they staffed 24/7. Did they cut back staffing at the big store? No, they put on more staff, just like many businesses that either supply Wakarusa directly or indirectly. Bag ice business. Hotel staffing. Gas stations , Porta Potty people(though not enough I might add). The KS troopers I talked to were on OT, cause they shared the fact. All those folks probably paid into your tax base as well. I am not specifics of how the bands are paid but I wouldn't be surprised if, like professional athletes, they pay a local income tax,as well. All these taxes and income are NOT paid into your coffers if you don't have this event. You even make my case by telling me some rangers aren't from here, but Western KS. Do you suppose perhaps they stayed in a hotel in Lawrence, and ate at a restaurant or two? Fueled up? All that would be included in what economic impact this festival creates. I will bet my economics degree on it. Now multiply those dollars spent by several times, as now, due to additional dollars pumped into your economy, workers at the festival make businesses in you community more dollars, which they spend as well, in your community. Econ 101. As a footnote, ask the folks at your Ballard Center about the over 3000 lbs of food Waka attendees donated in 2007, or the goal of 5000 lbs they were shooting for in 2008. So not all the impact is measured in dollars.....The recycling that goes on must be noted as well.But you will find something in my post to twist into some other tangent and try and confuse everyone. (notice I didn't feel sorry for the poor park rangers who drove all the way across state without being paid for drive time. Hey, get a better contract next time. My boss doesn't pay me for drive time either or meals either. Damn.)Peace

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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

To add to Liberty's awesome post, you also might consider that the money Waka pays to the state park rangers, sheriffs deputies and other local folks for "security" and rental, comes back to Lawrence in the form of wages and overtime pay. They then use that to pay for groceries, rent, utilities. etc... So it isn't just those hippies spending the money buying stuff, its your whole economy that suffers, its everyone who gets money paid to them from the festival that spend money in your town.Its a complicated formula to figure multipliers in economic impacts, but the simple answer is , YES you will see a loss in tax revenue, sales and hotel rentals from not having a weekend in June where 13,000 people DONT come and spend money. But you guys can make it up by paying higher taxes for that loss in revenue. By the way, more people this year went into town and rented hotels when the weather turned ugly Thursday night...but you guys have unlimited draw of folks coming to Lawrence in June, so you can always make up for the loss of ,what I was told to be the largest music fest west of the Mississippi.Good Luck.

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Wakarusa Fest may not play on

Wow. What a surprise that Waka is having trouble in your community! I am a 40 plus year old (gainfully employed)male who has attended the festival with my (gainfully employed) wife the last two years. I guess we are the hippies from out of town. We ate in several eating establishments, shopped at the HyVee, even bought some beer growlers from a micro brew.(We spent more last year with the shuttles, but they were not available this year) We have been in constant amazement at the lack of fights, the peaceful nature of most of those in attendance and overall the lack of problems that occur when 13,000 people get together to attend any function. I have four kids of my own ages 16 to 23, so am not oblivious to drugs (and since when is alcohol not a drug?) and this festy is not the drug mecca or orgy you non-attendee's have made it out to be. Did some smoke pot around us? Absolutely. Is everyone cruising around in a drug-induced 4 day coma. NO! We are from KC and see more at any concert here than there! With Christmas Carol's logic, you all probably ought to consider shutting down that university thingy place across town, cause they probably do drugs and drink , and occasionally beg for money I bet too!!! They also teach free thinking, and that might lead to anarchy so better curb that. They tell me Lawrence is a liberal college town, but this thread tells me otherwise. Hope the festival moves to Missouri, as closer to home, but if not, always 10k Lakes or other festy to catch. Damn shame though, you all had a good one.Watching the Olympics as I blog and guess who's music they are using Carol? Flaming Lips. Wow. Guess they only suck to you. Your rant tells me that you might have more than Wakarusa to vent about. They have really smart people at the college called Psychaitrist you really should go see. good luck

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