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Kan. revenue secretary hears tax concerns

I agree - why use up the space if you aren't going to provide some of "what" to a story? Every one of the western counties have an economic development office with a director and I can bet they attended and would have loved a chance to comment about what they heard and what their concerns are. Put a little effort into it. Seems like this belongs on the Society Page - who went where, etc.

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Debate on tax cuts, spending intensifying

Ignoring the inequities in the Kansas property taxes as they move forward on a new school finance formula will kill our rual communities, especially the very ones who got the ROZ designations last session -Rural Opportunity Zones. Older folks on fixed incomes cannot afford to stay in these communities and one of the few economic opportunities - services for our elderly will dry up and the youth will have no market to encourage their moves to these ROZ communities. A house is something that unlike crop land doesn't produce income and won't grow in value in these communities. Don't raise more money from property taxes, just move it around and make it more fair. Kansas Farm Bureau - do you really care about rural economic development????

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KU requests additional funding for program that places physicians in underserved areas of state

A vital program that KU School of Medicine should support as they fulfill their mission of training doctors for the state of Kansas. What about the $$'s in all those endowment accounts held by KU???

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